Auto Blogging for Blogger

Generally speaking, there are two dominant platforms that are used for blogs - WordPress and Blogger. WordPress is the platform of choice for marketers seeing as it enables them to use a variety of different plugins that help in various areas like SEO, statistic tracking, traffic generation and so on. WordPress also has plugins that enable it to carry out auto blogging. On the other side, Blogger does not have any plugin - so does that mean that it cannot be automated?

The answer to this is: Blogger-based blogs can be automated as well.

For quite some time, the lack of plugin support on Blogger meant that its users were severely limited in what they could do. Till that time, the idea of auto blogging for a Blogger-based blog was essentially just a dream and was not close to reality. But, as auto blogging has become more and more popular, new and more powerful types of software have launched and some of them actually provide you the ability to automate your Blogger-based blogs!

There are tremendous advantages of using auto blogging software. On the whole, Blogger are getting indexed quickly and ranking fast on search engines. So if you don't like WordPress and using blogger, get an automated blog up and run in record time to the top.

More importantly, Blogger-based blogs are free to create, and you can create as many free blogs as you desire and mold them into fully automated blogs using world's best and most powerful auto blogging software. In no small way this will help you overcome the issues that you may have with needing to find hosting space, and buy separate domain names (as is the case with WordPress installations!). So you could end up saving cash, and being able to produce more and more automated blogs faster than ever before!

By now you should be starting to understand the appeal of being able to automate Blogger-based blogs. While it is true that WordPress offers a lot more functionality and has some great plugins to take advantage of, if you're just looking to set up some small automated blogs that help you to make a little bit of cash daily (each!), then free Blogger-based blogs are the answer that you're looking for.

Mind you, there is a drawback. Since only the best and most powerful auto blogging software can currently allow the automation of Blogger - it comes with a price tag. Think about the long term however, and how much you would end up saving by not having to continuously buy a chain of new domain names, hosting services, and so on.

Think about that - and then figure out whether you can afford to splash just a fraction of the amount in order to gain the ability to automate Blogger-based blogs!

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