Autoresponders and CRM’s – Ask Dotto Tech #19

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    • avatar Debi Estopellan 1

      I saw your original post from 4 years ago about using gmail as a CRM. There were great add-ons, but it's from 4 years ago. Is there an updated video or information you can share?

      • avatar Felipe Garcia 2

        For a low cost CRM I would recommend OnePageCRM. It's very user friendly and organizes your follow ups with customers in a "To do list" type of format, so you're not staring at your computer wondering who you should call next. It also has a dialer add-on you can use to auto dial customers from your cell phone when your away from your computer.

        • avatar Yoel Israel 0

          What are your thoughts about Mad Mimi?

          • avatar Tim Sharkey 1

            Prosperworks Gmail integration.

            • avatar Dutch Webb 1

              An app I've come across but haven't used a great deal is Microsoft Sway. Only thing you need is a Hotmail, Live, or Outlook account. It is awesome for storytelling, blog type, and way more. It can be shared, made public, or kept private. Best part is device aware. You might want to check it out. They have multiple demos.

              • avatar Heather Rogers 1

                Hi Steve, thank you for your thoughts on CRM's I'd be curious to hear your thoughts / review of Active Campaign. I got really excited about Contacually, but learned that it's not really much of an autoresponder when you're crafting a more intricate campaign. Thanks!

                • avatar Rob Charles 1

                  Steve, Love the videos. A question with regard to Anchor how did you get the Audio to play on your computer over the web?

                  • avatar Jim E 1

                    Steve, Speaking of email, have you ever done a review of products for an alternative to MS Outlook as an email client? If not, could you direct me somewhere for reliable information on this subject? It would be for Win 8.1 and 10.

                    I like the format of Outlook(use to it I guess) but I have issues with it at times. Thanks. JimE