Battle Of The Blogosphere: WordPress Vs Blogger

Battle Of The Blogosphere: WordPress Vs Blogger

In the blogosphere, to blog hosts lead the pack in getting bloggers to sign up with them and use their services. For any long time blog creator, they’ll always be asking themselves, “WordPress or blog creator?” Truthfully though, what are the things that set them apart and which of them is farther ahead than the other in this two horse race?

There is only one way to determine this and that is to put the features of each blog hosts head to head from a blogger’s point of view.

Project Principles:
WordPress utilizes an open source project whereas Blogger is simply a Google-owned blog host. Those not-so-particular crowds would not really give a care about this but for the true community of bloggers, it could be a crucial difference.

Ease and Efficiency:
WP only requires you to take 2 simple steps which only eat up seconds to get your blogging page up and running but Blogger needs you to take 3 huge steps which generally require a longer period of time before you can get started with blogging. WP clearly impresses in this part.

These make up for the look of your blog and while both web hosts provide you with a long list of themes to choose from, only Blogger allows for further customization by letting its users do their own coding to get their creativity pouring and get the right look for their blog. Although WordPress does not offer that, they make up for it by allowing users to switch themes easily at any time and their list of themes are constantly updated with regard to users’ feedback; a feature that will provide users’ the fun of browsing through many great looking themes which can go on for hours.

Blog Statistics:
WordPress has an integrated statistic system for the use of all its subscribers. It permits them to get an idea of their blog’s visitors and the frequency as well as makes it easier to evaluate their own blog. It also permits the blog creator to add tags to each post as a convenient form of compilation apart from making it easy for readers to navigate. Blog creator is lacking in these departments and WordPress wins again.

Protection against Spam:
While both web hosters offer spam protection in their systems, WP’ Automatic Spam Protection is the one more approved by users as of now in terms of useability.

Posts’ Comments:
While both hosts allow for comments for each post considering the blog creator permits it, only WordPress offers notifications for comments to be tracked back and follow ups to the blog administrator.

WordPress can convince more people to switch over than Blogger and much of the credit has to go to their importing feature. It allows bloggers to literally shift their old blog hosted elsewhere to WordPress, something Blogger lacks and may be a victim of.

Quite simply, both provide the basic needs of any blogger but once taken into account, one clearly outshines the other in terms of features and functionality. WordPress is our winner, is it yours?

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