Bedroom art and Feng Shui are good – choose the right image for your bedroom

The bedroom is a place to relax, have a romantic and rest. Designed very well, the bedroom can inspire couples to feel more romantic and inspire their passion. If not, the relationship can be reduced to a friendly, not so romantic handshake. If the bedroom is an event venue, such as sports, work, hobbies or other interests, then they will not be the quiet space they want. There is a good line between creating your bedroom and consuming your bedroom.

One of the first areas of the exhibition was art. Feng Shui has strict regulations on the bedroom – correspondingly – the art they involve. Time and time again, I saw the bedroom during the Feng Shui negotiations, and the art seemed to be the rest of the rest of the house. Or, regardless of the symbolic meaning of the relationship between art and the room it displays, such as the winter scene in a marriage bedroom. This can fill in all the error messages in the bedroom. Bbbbrrrrr …….

The bedroom should display information that motivates the person [or people] who occupy the room. Artwork should reflect their tastes, interests and desires while still following the Feng Shui guidelines. This will help ensure that negative information or inappropriate information does not distract the main goals of the bedroom: rest, romance and relaxation.

Look at all the bedrooms in the house. Determine if they are inspiring and whether they are making appropriate statements for the room. For example, a scary Spider-Man poster that looks like Spider-Man will jump off the wall, which might create a screaming bedroom for a little boy.

Or, the photos of the children in the bedroom bedroom will produce too much "children's energy", and will feel uncomfortable because of romance, resulting in a real enthusiasm withered. Next, consider the Feng Shui guide, such as removing the mirror, the dragon's picture, and the gods. Or holy animals.

Sleeping is the time when we must receive the most protection and care. That's why it makes sense to make sure your bedroom supports you, your family and your relationships.

Children's bedroom art

* Avoid malignant animals and terrible numbers.

* Place a happy, bright image in the children's bedroom

* Display skills and learning images, such as pictures of monsters and books or any type of learning experience

* Do not hang photos of water, lakes or oceans

* Avoid using religious-themed images such as crosses or religious figures

* Choose positive animal pictures, such as horses [suitable for sons], look happy and strong, not afraid. Turtles are also beneficial. Avoid frogs and cockroaches that seem to "eat" anything in the room.

* Have parents' photos in the children's bedroom to stimulate better behavior and greater respect

* Cloud is very popular for children's bedrooms. Make sure that if there is a cloud on the ceiling, the child's head is not covered by the cloud, as this will create a "cloud" on his/her head, which can cause many difficulties. [The same is true for adult bedrooms.]

Adult bedroom art

* For couples, put together photos of two people [goose, duck, chair, vase, etc.] to promote unity

* Avoid photos of heavenly images of gods, religious figures, etc.

* Avoid using images that suggest a single item that exists alone

* Avoid photos of flowers and plants unless someone is sick. Pictures of plants or plants or flowers will cause couples to quarrel.

* Have photos of love, such as couples, tasteful nudes or emotions

* Do not take children's photos in the bedroom. You already have enough "child time." There is a place in the house dedicated to serving you and your partner.

* If it is single, make sure that the photos in the bedroom represent the energy you want to attract, that is, single women looking for men should hang a picture showing men or always males in the scene.

* In order to create opportunities for yourself, place an open space on the wall opposite the bed. This shows that your lifestyle is open and the barriers are eliminated.

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