Benefits Of Using Starter Kits For ASP Dot NET Web Development

Asp dot NET web development has many starter kits available that can be used to get your web site up and running fast. There are any ASP. NET starter kits that will provide you with a code foundation that you can use as a starting point and then work from that point.

Microsoft has developed ASP. NET and has provided five different starter kits that include portal starter kit, time tracker starter kit, reports starter kit, community starter kits and commerce starter kits. You can use these kits time and again to create new web pages and applications. All of the code in the kits can be changed and developed for your individual site.

The development of ASP. NET has made creating sites, pages and applications for the web much easier as it can save a lot of time. Using the starter kits helps you get started even faster as you do not have to create your own code. Much of the problems you will encounter have already been solved in the starter kits.

All of the starter kits can be downloaded easily form the ASP. NET site. He different types of sites that can be created include sample reports, community web sites, project time racking applications and portal sites. There are several different versions available such as basic, C# and J#. You also have options for the data storage.

Some of the feature sin the commerce starter kit include a BDB component, shopping car, three tier architecture form, forms authentication and caching. This kit will create a fictitious commerce store and you can then change the code to create your own commerce site. It is a great way to learn ASP. NET development.

The time tracker kit builds a billing and time application that doesn’t actually contain the billing component. There are three different tabs; administration, reports and logs. The reports kit actually contains eight different applications that can create a series of eight different reports.

The writer of this article is a developer and trainer with Macresource Computer Training, an independent computer training company offering ASP.NET training courses at their central London training centre.

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