1. ShayminPunk ShayminPunk

    I wonder what the Master System one will be…

  2. Ashflow Ramza Ashflow Ramza

    John you should say PS3 – Dragons Dogma Hehe or Nino Kuni

  3. Johnny Elsewhere Johnny Elsewhere

    I'm surprised you didn't mention any Atlus games. What about the Disgaea series? They were great!

  4. Ficki Bicki Ficki Bicki

    Would love to hear your favourite Ds or 3ds rpgs. There's so many great jrpgs on those 2 systems.

    And also, for Dreamcast, Grandia II

  5. Thanh Nguyen Thanh Nguyen

    Panzer Dragoon Saga, one of the first RPG I ever completed as a kid, fantastic game. I wish Sega would do another one,

  6. Alii Reb Alii Reb

    Mmmm Dark souls 1 is the best RPG of all time though !!

  7. Phil Hartmann Phil Hartmann

    I'm looking at a listing of phantasy star for the master system on eBay and it's the only copy I'm seeing on the app that says "battery backup" on the front, why is this ?is it a repro or later version ?

  8. Inspiración Original Inspiración Original

    I am confused, ocarina of time was not an ARPG? in wich category then…. Leting that aside, your list is awesome, if you dont mention those games like lost odissey i would never have idea of their existence. i subscribed.

  9. Priest Morrison Priest Morrison


    yer one of mah favorites

  10. Isabelle Is My Soulmate Isabelle Is My Soulmate

    FFX over Persona 4? Holy fuck Johnny.

  11. Mo_ Musashi_28 Mo_ Musashi_28

    He skipped school for Dragon warrior II 😎👍🎮

  12. Jei Cos Jei Cos

    Great video man! (found you because I saw your Sakuracon video lol) Anyway, have you ever tried the Hyperdimension Neptunia series? It's more of a "for fun" game, but it's an RPG Dungeon Crawler. The first game on ps3 is a little hard to get use to, but the other 2 on ps3, they made the playstyle WAY easier to control, and a lot better. The Vita remakes and Vita spinoffs are fun as well. The remakes are just that, remakes, but they added some stuff and because it's a "for fun" series, they break the 4th wall in all games, and even reference the remakes as remakes. It's funny. But the spinoffs use other RPG styles. Ones a sim style, another is sim style PLUS tactical grid, 2 others are quest style + action RPGs. There's also one on ps4, and another coming for it.

  13. Chris Andre Chris Andre

    infinite space

  14. Billy Zhao Billy Zhao

    Ps4- persona 5

  15. Greg Morse Greg Morse

    Your enthusiasm for what your talking about in your videos (especially games you and your friends loved) is awesome. Keep up the great work.

  16. COREcasual COREcasual

    "Silver" for the Dreamcast is a SERIOUSLY underrated RPG that more people should try/talk about. I LOVED it.

  17. LDK03 LDK03

    I still have my Master System!!!

  18. Shinu Real Shinu Real

    I was so into Grandia 2 that I decided to make a drawing book for my second playthrough, and I still have that book.

  19. Pootis Pootis

    Needs more Ogre Battle 64!

  20. godlessandlovingit godlessandlovingit

    as much as i LOVE final fantasy. I'd honostly say the best RPG for the original playstation was The Legend of Dragoon. LoD gave us something we'd never been able to do. a fresh story, with memorable characters that could actually TRANSFORM into dragoons in the middle of battle!!! i loved all of it. plus voice acting. (albeit a bit bad compared to today's standards)


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