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There are more smart ways to invest to get more rewards. Mutual funds are one way to make money from

More returns from

 For your investment. The average rate of return is higher than the normal savings account and other investment options given by the bank.

Systematic investment choice is one of the ways in which investors invest a small amount of money each month. In India, the minimum amount of investment is Rs. 500. But in some Indian company plans, you can invest at least 100 rupees a month. Some programs are:

  • SBI Chota SIP Fund
  • Trust plan

Many mutual funds performed well in 2010. You can subtly invest in these funds and earn more. But you must understand that in this type of investment, past performance will not be guaranteed in the future. Some of the best funds in India that have performed well in the SIP program are:

  • HDFC Long-Term Advantage Fund – Growth
  • Reliance Tax Saver Fund – Growth
  • Fidelity Tax Advantage Fund – Growth

In 2010, many similar funds in India performed well. But as an investor, you can't invest in all plans. You must find the best solution in the list above. The following are the same guidelines.

You must compare the returns of these mutual funds over the past few years and analyze the best.

Next step: Find the best SIP mutual fund:

Get the details returned from these scenarios. You can find them on the leading website.

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