BLCK Parliament Live Performance @Refuge Chicago

BLCK Parliament Live Performance @Refuge Chicago
Live Performance by BLCK Parliament, Chicago's Hottest Up and Coming Hip Hop Collective!

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Doors Open @7PM
.00 Admission @Door/.00 Advance


Black Parliament (stylized as BL^CK Parliament) is an American hip hop collective formed in 2016, in Chicago, Illinois, by members Sonny BLCK, iBmadeit and J.Paul. BLCK Parliament is a collective of rappers, record producers, music video directors and Industry Professionals, who share similar interests in music, fashion, style and art. The collective mainly consists of Chicago-based rappers, most of whom have been active in Chicago Hip Hop Scene since 2003-2006.

The collective's resident record producer, iBmadeit, has produced for or worked with several Chicago, Los Angeles & New York based Artists, most notably Big O Mr290, Hypno Carlito, Crucial Conflict, Do Or Die, Cypress Hill, Cuban Link & Taylor Gang. Group members Sonny BLCK & J.Paul has also managed to garner pretty respectable followings for themselves as solo artists or members of other groups. Sonny BLCK also functions as the collective’s de-facto business and brand specialist, having also worked as a successful event promoter and entertainment consultant for local artists since 2010.

The group is currently gearing up to release iB's full featured LP titled "Tears Of Gold", set to be released in Summer 2017. The collective also plans to release a BLCK Parliament group project in Fall 2017.

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at Refuge Live
416 South Clark
Chicago, United States



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