Blog – How To Plan And Write Great Money-making Content

Blogging is a great way to make money online. You can turn a blog into a complete home business. However, the fact is that many bloggers do not make money, simply because they don’t set a proper focus.

Let’s see how you can turn your blog into a money-maker, by focusing on that, and by planning and writing great content.

I’ve been blogging since around 2002. The biggest error I see new bloggers making is that their blog lacks focus. Each blog you create must have one, and only one, single laser-targeted focus.

Get that focus right, and you’ll make money. So for each blog, decide what your focus is. Obviously, for a money-making blog, that focus must be income. You must decide HOW you will make income with a blog before you create it.

Many bloggers choose to monetize their content: that is, they sell advertising on their blog. Other bloggers sell a product, or a series of products if they’re affiliate marketing.

Begin by choosing one single focus.

Now let’s see how you can plan and write great content and make money from your blog in four easy steps.

1. Plan your content a year in advance

No content, no blog. Equally, the more content you have, the more money you will make, so plan your content a year in advance.

This sounds like a huge project, but it’s not. Start by listing 12 topics (related to your blog’s subject) you want to cover in your blog over the next year.

Then take each topic, and list five to 10 article titles related to that topic. Just brainstorm, away from your computer if possible. You’ve now got between 60 and 120 article titles.

These articles will form the basis of your content.

2. Research keywords your readers are using to find you

Next, research keywords related to your blog’s subject matter. For example, if you’re writing a cooking blog, research “cooking” keywords. If you’re writing a “dog training” blog, research “dog training” keywords.

Collect as many keywords as you can. As you begin posting content to your blog, keep an eye on your logs to see what keywords and phrases people are typing into the search engines to find your blog posts. Keep all these phrases – they’re gold.

With dozens and even hundreds of keywords, more article titles will occurs to you. List them with your other article titles.

3. Ask your readers questions, and answer them

Blogs have been called a conversation. Not all blogs lend themselves to a lot of interaction with your readers: if you’re promoting a series of affiliate products, for example. However, most blogs benefit when you ask your readers what they want to know, and answer their questions on the blog.

Reader interaction is an easy way to develop new ideas for content, so list all the ideas which readers give you with their comments to your postings.

4. Set income goals for your blog, and achieve them

Finally, and most importantly, set income goals for your blog. You must have income goals. They inspire and motivate you. In the beginning, be thrilled with the first dollar you make with your blog – then set higher income goals each month.

Now you know how to plan and write great money-money content on your blog – start writing!

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