Blog Income Report February 2017 – How We Made $31,694.08 Blogging



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    • avatar Kali Sanchez 2

      I'm starting my blog. It's also about health and fitness but oriented from the perspective of somebody who had insulin resistant (me). I don't know if your product is right for these type of people, but if it was, I'd be very happy to try to promote it.

      • avatar Cristian Yepez 1

        where you create your thumbnail for this videos (what software you use)

        • avatar Arlene Salcedo 1

          I would interested in marketing for your products. I am a new blogger however I do like your products a lot and love you channels. It's helped me a ton

          • avatar No One Is Listening Until I Fart !!! 1

            I smell fish…

            • avatar AddaGirl 1

              was the 21 day Janney made by you or are you selling it for someone?

              • avatar AddaGirl 1

                what is stock photography

                • avatar Frankie Cooper 1

                  Love your vids. Interesting to see people who are actually doing it. I did notice, though, that when talking about slow months, it seems that you are using the "dead months" for the FITNESS industry. I am assuming that you are your vids are targeted towards ANY niche (fitness or otherwise), so those "dead months" don't really apply, do they?

                  • avatar Susan Schafer 1

                    I just found your channel and I am watching this video for the second time. Great information. Thanks . I'm looking forward to seeing more of your videos too. Oh…..and you've got a new subscriber

                    • avatar Scher Guzzo 1

                      Your YouTube channel and blog are really helping me with my blog! Thanks for all the tips and how-to's!

                      • avatar The Liberated Vlog 2

                        Hey there! Do you have any reviews/videos on Tailwind? I've heard about them through Pinterest, but I'm suspicious of services until I hear an actual review. :P

                        • avatar Char Rayford 1

                          Very inspirational… Love the intro!

                          • avatar Tiny House Life 1

                            Great video and very helpful! Look forwards to checking out this eCourse that you have after watching a few of your videos.

                            • avatar Jeff & Ashley Wheeler 1

                              This is amazing! So glad I found you!

                              • avatar Brenda Lee 1

                                Thank you for posting this income report. It inspires me to stop playing games and start my blog already.

                                • avatar tothepoint 2

                                  True, I also think that people who tell you how to make money by blogging about blogging is unhelpful. It's like a person who inherited their money telling you how to start a business si it's good to see you have great income from avocadu. would love to hear more on how you built your following at the beginning

                                  • avatar Indian MOM In Australia 1

                                    loved the intro

                                    • avatar The Wanderful Lyfe 1

                                      Really digging that intro guys!

                                      • avatar Ben Eph 1

                                        You guys are beasts…like OH MY GOD 😂

                                        • avatar Create and Go 0

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