1. Kali Sanchez Kali Sanchez

    I'm starting my blog. It's also about health and fitness but oriented from the perspective of somebody who had insulin resistant (me). I don't know if your product is right for these type of people, but if it was, I'd be very happy to try to promote it.

  2. Cristian Yepez Cristian Yepez

    where you create your thumbnail for this videos (what software you use)

  3. Arlene Salcedo Arlene Salcedo

    I would interested in marketing for your products. I am a new blogger however I do like your products a lot and love you channels. It's helped me a ton

  4. No One Is Listening Until I Fart !!! No One Is Listening Until I Fart !!!

    I smell fish…

  5. AddaGirl AddaGirl

    was the 21 day Janney made by you or are you selling it for someone?

  6. AddaGirl AddaGirl

    what is stock photography

  7. Frankie Cooper Frankie Cooper

    Love your vids. Interesting to see people who are actually doing it. I did notice, though, that when talking about slow months, it seems that you are using the "dead months" for the FITNESS industry. I am assuming that you are your vids are targeted towards ANY niche (fitness or otherwise), so those "dead months" don't really apply, do they?

  8. Susan Schafer Susan Schafer

    I just found your channel and I am watching this video for the second time. Great information. Thanks . I'm looking forward to seeing more of your videos too. Oh…..and you've got a new subscriber

  9. Scher Guzzo Scher Guzzo

    Your YouTube channel and blog are really helping me with my blog! Thanks for all the tips and how-to's!

  10. The Liberated Vlog The Liberated Vlog

    Hey there! Do you have any reviews/videos on Tailwind? I've heard about them through Pinterest, but I'm suspicious of services until I hear an actual review. 😛

  11. Char Rayford Char Rayford

    Very inspirational… Love the intro!

  12. Tiny House Life Tiny House Life

    Great video and very helpful! Look forwards to checking out this eCourse that you have after watching a few of your videos.

  13. Jeff & Ashley Wheeler Jeff & Ashley Wheeler

    This is amazing! So glad I found you!

  14. Brenda Lee Brenda Lee

    Thank you for posting this income report. It inspires me to stop playing games and start my blog already.

  15. tothepoint tothepoint

    True, I also think that people who tell you how to make money by blogging about blogging is unhelpful. It's like a person who inherited their money telling you how to start a business si it's good to see you have great income from avocadu. would love to hear more on how you built your following at the beginning

  16. Indian MOM In Australia Indian MOM In Australia

    loved the intro

  17. The Wanderful Lyfe The Wanderful Lyfe

    Really digging that intro guys!

  18. Ben Eph Ben Eph

    You guys are beasts…like OH MY GOD 😂

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