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Greg Meares and Jerry Franklins Blogging for Riches has gone through many changes since it was first introduced in 2007. Presently the package is made up of a series of videos that focuses on niche blogging.

NOTE: An important thing to remember is that the programs we reviewed on our website can be broken down into two general categories: the long-term, create your brand blogging methods and the quick launch and make-money-as-fast-as-you-can niche blogging methods. Blogging for Riches falls into this last category.

The consensus is that the best part of this program is the research-oriented videos related to finding and targeting a niche. The course opens with these niche identification videos before moving into the implementation-related steps.

The 70+ videos cover your usual blogging course package such as installing your blog, configuring it, etc. It then moves on to content creation, where it suggests using Private Label Rights, article directiories and outsourcing. This section doesnt provide any new information compared to the other blogging courses I have reviewed.

One thing that bothered me in this content creation section is the authors recommendation for using an online mailbox to collect content. They recommended that a blogger, you, sign up for as many e-mail subscription as possible and then copy these received e-mails onto your blog site as posts.

Sure, this method is a way to generate content for your blog, and it is free, but the content is filled with someone elses links and recommendations. This method will, I believe, get you into trouble.

The following videos covers the usual topics of how to get traffic to your blog, using Web 2.0, and how to make money with your blog by using networking and Web 2.0.

The Package Contains: the core 70+ short videos (no e-book), Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Traffic Themes, Extreme Plugin Success, The Social Bookmarking Quick Start Guide, and the Traffic Generation Guide.

Sales Claims True? — Yes: Unlike other blogging courses Blogging for Riches lives up to its hype. It is a very good learning product.

Ease of Use: — Good: When blogging you will always need to learn some technical skills to actually master it, so like most of the blogging courses I have reviewed you will run into some technical problems, but the good thing is that you can see what is been done right in front of your screen.

Customer Support: — Excellent: Very responsive support from the program creators Greg and Jerry.

Value for Money: — $ 97: Too Expensive ” The information provided does not justify the high cost.

Overall Rating: — Average: Blogging for Riches is a very comprehensive video-based program on how to locate profitable niches, and how to create blogs to market affiliate products within those niches. The volume of videos will keep you busy for quite some time and the price is expensive.

To make an informed purchase online, you should read a more detailed review on Blogging for Riches . While you are there, you should grab the FREE E-course on Make Money Blogging.

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