Blogging: Get Paid To Blog Today

Imagine making six-figures as a writer. You can really achieve that dream by blogging. Businesses will pay dearly for good bloggers because a blog will help the company rank highly on the search engines, generating the sales and profits.

I've been blogging since 2000. Initially, I blogged strictly as a creative outlet, but soon I began to see the commercial opportunities, and started creating blogs to develop authority sites, and finally to sell them.

If you're wondering how to start, relax. It's easy to become a professional (that is, a paid) blogger. Let's look at how you can succeed.

You'll notice that the final step is "blog flipping", that is creating blogs with the express purpose of selling those blogs; this can add to your income considerably, so it's a tactic to keep in mind from the beginning of your blogging career.

But now to begin. For step one, start a blog. This beginning blog will be the cornerstone of your professional blogger writing career.

Please don't get hung up on this step. Professional bloggers tend to have many blogs; often numbering in the hundreds. Therefore, there's no way to fail with this. Just create a Blogger blog (free.)

This starter blog should have niche, or a focus. It could be your day-to-day adventures. It could be your professional area of expertise. It could be your favorite pastime. A focused blog is important because you'll likely be showing this to potential buyers. Tip: make sure your initial blog is professional, since you want to be hired.

Once you've introduced your blog to the world, carve out some space on it to let people know that you will blog for others. Use both paid and free advertising, and also pay to advertise on other blogs. Use free marketing methods, there are many options. Continue to advertise once you start. As you get experience, you'll command higher rates.

With the experience you gain, you'll understand enough about blogging to be able to start flipping blogs. You'll be amazed at home much your income rises as a result.

Prices vary for blogs, depending on how much money the individual blog takes in. Popular blogs selling for five figures and more. The horizons are endless, so make the leap and start blogging today.

Become a money-making blogger. You get everything you need in Angela Booth's powerful Lazy Rich Blogger method. Angela teaches you everything she's learned in ten years of blogging -- start today. For more free blogging tips, visit Angela's Blogging for Dollars blog.


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