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  2. venkatraman P venkatraman P

    hi, can I convert ordinary speaker into wireless with WiFi dongle in USB port of amplifier? please advise

  3. Hugh Moore Hugh Moore

    I gave you thumbs down because you did not make it clear what is "slave" (or peripheral) and what is "host" (or controller)

    . . . but than again I have the same issues with traffic signals . . .
    (not enough user feedback . . . if you have ever sat in front of a red light on your motorcycle waiting for the light to change you'll know what I mean)

    Bluetooth is purely slave . . . WiFi can sponsor both but needs some kind of host device

    You may want to use the old keyboard vs screen analogy . . .
    at one time they were one unit called a computer but the screen was slave to the keyboard . . .
    now because of connecting points they are becoming one again with touchscreen.

    Connecting Devices . . . ? ? ?

    Yeah . . . a wall outlet . . . a nail . . . even a tire . . . all connecting devices ! ! !

    You may want to stay away from this one.

    Good luck in any case ! ! !

  4. Levine Levine Levine Levine

    What Kirby forgot to tell you: Today's Blue Tooth can pair only one Blue Tooth speaker at a time. So if you want to operate two Blue Tooth speakers at the same time, you will be disappointed especially if you have a larger room that requires multiple speakers. You can play multiple speakers using WiFi. The WiFi signal is broadcasted thru your wireless router. Your wireless WiFi speakers receives the WiFi signal. In both Blue Tooth and WiFi, you can place your wireless-self powered speaker anywhere there is an AC power outlet. Some Blue Tooth and WiFi speakers can also run on battery. You wirelessly connect the WiFi receiver-amplifier to the WiFi wireless speakers like you wirelessly connect you laptop PC to your wireless printer: The WiFi wireless speakers hail the WiFi receiver-amplifier via the wireless router which then makes the wireless 'handshake' with the wireless WiFi speakers. I hope this helps your understanding of Blue Tooth and WiFi.

  5. tippy114 tippy114

    in a big room, to increase the volume we need to use more speakers. you can only use one bluetooth speaker where else wifi allow more speakers to be used.

  6. VanTasks VanTasks

    Any ideas what would be the best way to have a laptop with Windows 10 in one room, connect to some old multimedia speakers with no built in bluetooth or wifi in another room, but to have it do so on demand, from the laptop?

    I also want it to transmit all system sounds, not just audio and not from any streaming websites.

    I tried a bluetooth adaptor, but the bluetooth would disconnect if it wasn't in use for several minutes. This would mean that you could be listening to something, not listen to anything for a few minutes and by the time you put on something else, you have to go back and turn the adaptor on again.

    I also tried a Neet Airstream Pro, but I can't get it to work well. I tried it with Airfoil, but it doesn't give a constant connection and seems to keep dropping and when it did finally connect, there was a delay on sending the system sound so what I saw on youtube was way out of sync with what was being played on the multimedia speakers.

    Ideally I'd like something that's just constantly connected wirelessy and will only turn off if I unplug it physically. If I could have something that would just give me volume control for the laptop speakers and volume control for the separate speakers it would be great!

    Any feedback would be appreciated 🙂

  7. Tech-Knowledge Tech-Knowledge

    does wifi audio need internet connection or it works with WiFi hotspot

  8. Ashley Wilson Ashley Wilson

    Too much "I don't know"s for my taste… seems like you aren't sure of anything, and I'm not talking about just the conclusion either…
    Having said that, good video and audio quality (I've never watched one of your videos before).
    I'd recommend Chromecast Audio for streaming, because it gives you the highest quality audio on every single audio system with a 3.5mm audio jack, and with superfast pairing and zones configurable from the smartphone.

  9. Aris Dom Aris Dom

    i am in to the cuality of the sound reather than just sound so i prefer wired conection over all but i think that the only way to steam good cuality sound is by an external hifi DAC and that is not cheap at all, not to mention that the sett up is very dificuld and includes programin the router

  10. Raffaele Del Sarto Raffaele Del Sarto

    how about using an apple TV coupled with a DAC to stream hifi audio over the wifi?

  11. Raffaele Del Sarto Raffaele Del Sarto

    building is where is the fun!

  12. Jed Teng Jed Teng

    if Im going to use my phone to play music,im using wifi as a connection to the internet,So this means I wont be able to use the wifi music streamer since Im already connected to wifi?

  13. Mash Ups Mash Ups

    i get about 50-75ft with my jbl bluetooth speaker using my iphone.

  14. jayden litolff jayden litolff

    With Bluetooth you can hear your notification sounds

  15. Scott Merrell Scott Merrell

    The lossless question depends on how good your setup is. There is also a consideration of which direction you will be streaming. If I stream lossless to a good setup, it's digital who cares where it's coming from. However if I stream from my computer or a DLNA device to my phone, there is the limiting factor. A phone is not a great DAC/headphone amp. All the extra care of ripping with Exact Audio Copy or buying from HDTracks is lost within the phone and headphones/ear buds.

    I came to the same conclusion about online forums you did. Thank you do much for your time in making these videos.

    SHOW IDEA: How to improve on some piece of sh.. speaker that I got for little or nothing.

    Why no 3-way speakers?

  16. Jerome Johnson Jerome Johnson

    Hi: I was looking for the blue tooth module called m"I eaze?" (do I have the name right?  I looked for the link as you instructed but it didn't happen on my end…..what was the correct name of this module that you recommended?Thanking you in advance, Jeremy

  17. Abel Muñoz Abel Muñoz

    Great Video!!! Great Info!

  18. Xaviera Yayaell Xaviera Yayaell

    Keep up the good work.

  19. Stephen Ludgate Stephen Ludgate

    What's your thoughts/suggestions for a good "zoned" system other than Sonos or Logitech Squeeze system?


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