BMAT Course in Singapore

BMAT Course in Singapore
What's included in this course: Instruction by professional BMAT instructor Professional Course Guide Book by BMAT guide book author Over 1000 BMAT questions Access to online learning platform for Assisted Study Programme (ASP) for 3 months Ask an unlimited amount of questions in the ASP that you have in the BMAT Structured 10-week learning and revision programme (about 4 hours of work a week) in ASP to prepare for the BMAT 16 hours of class instruction 4 detailed essay reviews for every student Direct ask-Ivan through WhatsApp for the BMAT All these for only 99 for over 60 hours of study preparation for the BMAT and personal coaching. Other options available: Partial option available if you can only make it one of the classes. Assisted Study Programme only option available. Details This is a three-month long course to prepare for the BMAT, with two in-person class sessions of 8 hours each, and 10 weeks of work, question-and-answer, discussions and essay-writing (with marking and comments) on a virtual platform to prepare students for the BMAT. The main focus of this course is on Sections 1 and 3 of the BMAT, with some practice in Section 2. The course instructor is Ivan, the author of the well-used BMAT training book in Asia.  The course workbook ( and all learning materials will be provided. Online to the Assisted-Study Programme will be made available to all participants. In-Person Session 1: 5 Aug 2017 (Sat), 9am to 5pm, Bugis area. Location to be confirmed. The class is structured to have a face-to-face session at the start to help introduce students to the BMAT, teach them the basic skills for the BMAT. In this session, we'll cover the following: Overall time management strategy for the BMAT (across all sections) Time management strategies specifically for each section Skills and techniques to quickly get the correct answers for the difficult questions in Section 1 for the three main question types General strategies for Section 2 Marking scheme for Section 3 Templates for essays in Section 3 Essay topics and outline preparation strategy for Section 3 Language and grammar expectations for Section 3 Sure-win strategies to get higher Section 3 scores Assisted Study Programme (ASP): Aug to Oct This part of the course is done online. Every week, there will be posted assignments to be completed by the participants. This is a structured programme to help them prepare for the BMAT so that they will have ample time to practice and ask the questions that they do not understand. Practice: Students will be provided with assignments online (and offline to cater to those in the Army). The assignments will be structured to ensure that participants have a complete coverage and preparation for the BMAT. Students can complete the assignments at their own time, and upload the answers for grade and feedback once they are completed. Ask: Students can ask questions related to the assignments that they have in the forums of the online platform, so that I can answer them. These questions are made available to the other participants, so you can learn from each other. This way, any questions participants may have at any time is answered, not restricted to just being in class. Essay: The Section 3 essay component is a difficult component that students struggle with. Over the course, students will be asked to prepare and write four essays and submit them for grade and feedback. The grades will give them an indication of where they stand based on the BMAT Standards. The feedback will provide them with advice on how to improve and bring up their scores.  In-Person Session 2: 14 Oct 2017 (Sat), 9am to 5pm, Bugis area. Location to be confirmed. The class is structured to have a face-to-face session at the end to help solve any issues and challenges students may have through the last 10 weeks of the BMAT course. Students will also complete a mock exam and a complete 10-week debrief in preparation for the upcoming BMAT in Nov. Administration If you have any enquiries, please email, or call (+65) 96175764. No refunds are available. Ivan will be running BMAT courses in Singapore and Bangkok for 2017. Online 1-1 coaching is available, please enquire.

at Meritus Mandarin Hotel
231 Adelaide Terrace
Singapore, Singapore

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