Book author's video marketing, or add Buzz to your book marketing plan and impress your publishers

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Still trying to find a publisher for your book? This book is great, but everyone tells you that your marketing plan is weaker than your competitors? Adding video marketing to your marketing plan will not only impress your publishers, but also increase your book sales, build your brand, and establish a name in cross-marketing.

As is well known in the publishing industry, today, your marketing plan is the reason for closing or destroying a transaction. Let us say that you are not an internet marketer, but you have already heard about the potential of the internet. Great, but as a non-internet marketer, how do you use all of this potential to market your books?

Join the video revolution

Create short, engaging videos about your books. Do you have a recipe? Make some tips for the video. Free DVD or free download files. You can have a free DVD from the online store that carries your books. On their landing page, your books will also be sold, and the online store will collect contact information for customers who order free DVDs. Anyone who orders a free video is a responsive audience for your material.

Printing and making DVDs cost money. Can you get a corporate sponsor? If you can have an organization pay for your DVD, they can add a secondary line to disk and ads.

It takes money to ship a DVD. Some people click to provide a free DVD and only give up the shopping cart when they realize they have to pay the shipping cost. Providing a free DVD download will solve this problem. You can still collect contact information for potential customers before providing them with download information.

Now that you have collected disk or downloadable contact information, you can follow up on newsletters, marketing materials, special discounts, recommendations or other products related to your books.

Publishers want to see how you know how to market your books. Add video marketing to your marketing plan. It is not just a buzz. More people are willing to spend time watching videos instead of listening to audio. You can use this preparation to promote your books. Through a clear marketing plan, your efforts to find publishers will lead to greater probability of success.

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