Book Review: The Art of Power: by Chas W. Freeman, Jr. Governing the country and diplomacy

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The Art of Power: Governing the Country's Strategy and Diplomacy is a book about diplomats' weapons and the ties that govern the relationship between the state and other nations – as long as the time of recording. In this comprehensive paper, the author outlines the basic principles of ruling art and the skills of diplomatic rhetoric.

Using his experience as a foreign diplomat and his knowledge of many countries, Charles Freeman provided a detailed road map for successful negotiations. He discussed the role of politics, culture, intelligence gathering, military measures and economic power, as well as the art and rhetoric of diplomacy applicable to international law.

The art of power is a paper on negotiation and a weapon of diplomats. The author describes the application of force and intelligence in international relations. He emphasized the specific content of the strategy of governing the country, the practical aspects of the work of diplomats and the application of moral principles in international law.

In the first part of the book, Freeman discusses intelligence gathering, secret activities, power, political influence, cultural measures, national economic measures, military tactics and non-violence, as well as changes in the international system, the international order, the interests of other countries, and The constant evolution of international law as part of a national interest and concern.

In the second part, the author further elaborates on the importance of negotiation, the diplomat's weapons, strategy, tactics and exercises, and the relationship between the state and the reasons and methods used by diplomats. He spoke about the traditions of the international system and the reorganization of relations between countries in peacetime.

The third part of the book deals with the description of the work of diplomats and the importance of diplomatic rhetoric, propaganda and management. Freeman also discussed the fact that states have different cultures, traditions and historical experiences, and how they must bridge these differences in order to operate under the international national system. This is a powerful book that can easily become one of the most comprehensive art guides in existence today. This is an interesting reading because it provides an important guide for professionals and non-professionals to understand diplomacy and international ethics. It is a valuable guide for professional diplomats, a student's information booklet, and even a non-diplomatic reader who wants to master the secrets of power.

There are also some books on this topic. Power Art provides a bridge to fill the gap between the few works available on the subject. This is different because it was written by a real diplomat, an ambassador responsible for maintaining peace at all costs.

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