Break4love Tea Dance Welcomes From Germany Dj Kaos

Break4love Tea Dance Welcomes From Germany Dj Kaos
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DJ Kaos

Break4Love welcomes from Berlin, Germany. DJ KAOS

Berlin-based DJ Kaos will be dropping in for his England, USA, Hawaii and Mexico tour this July/August 2017, when he'll be playing eight dates.

The JOLLY JAMS-affiliated producer has been a Berlin regular since the early '90s, releasing his Music on labels like DFA Records, Clone Loft Supreme Series, Rong Music, The Vinyl Factory, Diynamic Music and many others. His 5th solo album “Me High” came out on Jolly Jams. Since then, his well-documented distaste for "German Minimal Techno" has become a hot topic in the blogosphere, and arose once again on the eve of his Australian 2016 tour, where he again subtly expressed his views: "F**k german minimal techno. F**k that sh*t."

The beatmaker recently inked a deal with Universal Music/Jolly Jams Publishing, who'll reportedly be releasing his 6th full-length "Night Walking Antics" in late 2017.

Punters will be able to catch DJ Kaos spinning in England, California, Hawaii and Mexico.

NEW 12“ + DIGITAL DJ KAOS „PROMO ONLY“ (JOLLY JAMS) JJ039 IS OUT JULY 27 pre- listen here:

DJ Kaos „Live In Japan Mix“ (Fabric London)

DJ Kaos „Lodown Mixtape“

Jolly Jams Showcase Berlin Date /Thursday20 July 2017 Griessmuehle link:

This is Sol's Berfday Bash so come with a good vibe, lot's of LOVE and dancing shoes.
Also on the 1'z and 2'z will be John Torres (Back 2 Disco, Hustle Heaven, Gino's II)
Dj Sol AKA Solange Charlet (Break4Love, Gata Recordingz)
Terrence Golden (Break4Love)
Dyrti Dan aka Daniiel Glueck (Original Groove)
Before 6pm .00 After - Presales .00
5pm till 12am - get It In!!!
break4Love Teez and Pins All Night.
Presale Link

at Akbar
4356 W Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles, United States



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