Build a barn door with the right hinges and hardware

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There are many types of hinges and hardware to choose from when building a new barn. We will explore some of the hinge selections and types as well as accessories to build a safe, effective and appropriate barn door.

Strap hinge

The belt hinge is one of the most basic and versatile hinges for the barn door. Available in a variety of lengths and styles. No matter how good the hinge looks, it's important to make sure you have the right rating. If your door weighs 200 pounds, you must have a hinge that fits that weight. If a single hinge is rated at 100 pounds, then three hinges are sufficient for a 200 pound door. Most belt hinges are approximately 20 inches in length and provide adequate support for heavier barn doors.

Pinnel hinges are one of the most cost-effective belt hinges on the market. The pin hinge has two main components, a strap portion that is attached to the door frame and a pin portion that is attached to the frame of the frame. The pin has a pin on the end that is attached to the strap portion of the door. This allows you to attach the component to the corresponding structure and then assemble the door to the frame. The belt portion of the pinion hinge is typically assembled using lag screws or bolts. Most pin hinges are black in nature and can be machined or hand forged from a piece of wrought iron.

The long hinge is also an effective hinge for the barn door. Unlike pin hinges, these panels are fitted with multiple screws or lag bolts. They are typically 15" to 20" long and are mounted using heavy duty lag screws. They are usually painted in black or powder coating.

Another popular barn door hinge is the colonial hinge. They are flat and have a rounded portion at the end, giving the colony an old-fashioned look.

Double Dutch hinge

The double Dutch hinge is the ideal hinge for creating a classic up and down door for the stables. This way you can open the upper part of the door to feed the horse while keeping the horse safe. The double Dutch hinge is actually two hinges combined into one. In fact, there are two hinges mounted on one frame, so the upper and lower door combinations can be realized.

Double Dutch hinges come in a variety of lengths depending on the weight of the door. The most common length is 12 inches or 17 inches long and is fixed most of the time with simple black screws.

Indoor barn door hinge

There are also several options for indoor barn door hinges. Most of them are lightweight and are much shorter in length than the outer barn door hinges.

The classic 5-inch barn door hinge provides basic, efficient use for interior doors. If it is a general purpose hinge, these are no extra decorations. A more decorative look in nature. They are also more heavy-duty and feature more powerful hinge pins.

For half doors, large locks can be very effective. These allow you to close the door to prevent animals from escaping, but anyone can easily open them.

Other Accessories

In addition to the hinges, there are other key hardware components that can be used to build powerful barn doors. Cross bracing prevents the door from moving or shifting over time. They are metal rods attached to the corners of the door.

Bolts allow you to open the door. They will fall on the inside when they are used.

Doorla offers a safe and reliable field for your hands when you open the door. A wide range of styles and sizes are available.

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