Bulk Preparing for Harvest

Bulk Preparing for Harvest
Good for building basic skills and a refresher for those already using the system. Who Should Attend Those who are responsible for grape contracts, weigh tags, and bulk inventory transaction entry into AMS. Topics to be Covered Grape Contract Maintenance Adding a contractMaster contractContract detail screenPricing and PaymentsPenaltiesNon Payable CostsFees How to export Grape invoice detail from contract screen for AP Bulk Contract Adding a bulk contract with detailed or summary composition Weigh Tag Entry Manual entry of Weigh Tag or from Weigh Tag Import Work Order Management Addition of Press Grapes and Crush work orders Enter Inventory Transactions Press Grapes and Crush from entered Weight tags and previously added work ordersReceive bulk contractAddition of yeast Analysis Management Analysis entry Recompute Discuss recompute screen functions and why you should recompute daily Attendee - .00

at AMS Software Office
4415 Sonoma Hwy Suite F
Santa Rosa, United States



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