Business Ethics – 6 Basic Principles of Business Etiquette

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The most important, if not the most important, factor in determining the chances of success for any business or professional activity is the ability to behave properly with people. Even in the early 1930s, Dale Carnegie observed a person's financial success, even in the technical or engineering field, their success relied on his expertise, and eighty-five percent depended on him and The ability of people to communicate. In this case, it is easy to explain the basic principles that many researchers attempt to develop and demonstrate ethical business communication, or the commandments often referred to as personal public relations or "business etiquette." The survival and success of a business etiquette or business world can be explained by the following six basic principles:

  1. On time [complete on time]. Latency can affect work and is a sign that one cannot rely on. The principle of completing everything on time applies to all service tasks. Experts in the organization and distribution of research work hours recommend an additional 25% increase in the time period required to perform the assigned task.

  2. Privacy [don't reveal too much]. Secrets of the same care as personal nature should be retained in any institution, company or particular transaction. There is no need to repeat any person heard about his or her performance or personal life from a colleague, supervisor or subordinate.

  3. Courteous, friendly and friendly. In any case, you must be polite, kind and kind to your customers, customers, customers and colleagues. However, this does not require you to be friends with everyone you communicate with in your work environment.

  4. Pay attention to people [think of others, not just yourself]. The focus on the people around you should be extended to colleagues, superiors and subordinates. Respect the opinions of others; try to understand why they form a specific point of view. Always listen to the criticisms and suggestions of colleagues, bosses and subordinates. When someone questions the quality of your work, please indicate that you value the opinions and experiences of others. Confidence should not stop you from being modest.

  5. Appearance [wearing as expected]. The main method is to adapt to your work environment and in that environment – at your temporary worker level. You should look at the best way to wear a taste and choose a matching color. It is important to carefully select the accessories.

  6. Literacy [speak and write a good language]. You should pay attention to internal documents or letters to external agencies, pay attention to the correct language used, and all correct names should be transferred without error. Do not use insulting words. Even if you only refer to another person, they will be considered part of your own vocabulary.

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