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    • avatar WSG Chen 1

      It would be cool if you can create a similar tutorial for AI programming.

      • avatar Mark Fontaine 1

        Could you do a video more dedicated to the memory stuff? Like allocating and de-allocating memory.

        • avatar Hellas Ultras 1

          21:11 when i compile it, it says stoi was not declared in this scope and it won't run what can i do?

          • avatar 誠十三 1

            Watched the whole thing. Helped a lot getting a gist of the overview, but is there more?

            • avatar NNmJYwg 2

              Just a heads up: Euler is pronounced "oiler"
              I can fluently speak German, so no smartass comments telling me I'm wrong.

              • avatar Aravind Krishnan 1

                Excellent tutorial, gives a good overview of the important concepts.
                I expected that you would explain when an object pointer is used while you were explaining the Polymorphism.
                One subtle observation was the neat output on the console with proper "spacing" between text and variables, which I would always end up forgetting.
                Thank you!

                • avatar Atanga M 0

                  Amazing tutorial thankyou…:)

                  • avatar supreme84x 1

                    13:08 Doesn't work. I am told that variable and condition are not declared in the scope.

                    • avatar dave brennan 2

                      An in depth clear and precise C++ video will help many people understand how c++ works Dave at a2z.hosting

                      • avatar go8662104 1

                        Very good training video

                        • avatar Safari-CR7 2

                          Im here because I want to hack crossfire.

                          • avatar Daniel Solorio 1

                            You assume people have sort of idea of what your talking about. What?!

                            • avatar a†҉hingvn  ҉ 1

                              . brilliant lecture, thank you very much ! 💕

                              • avatar munyaradzi jeche 1