1. Machine Gene Machine Gene

    Great video, thanks for putting the time into this and standing up for what you know is morally right.

    PS, fuck 12

  2. JustusLM JustusLM

    Someone should send this to John Oliver right now!

  3. NorthBound Video NorthBound Video

    wow never knew this place exisited

  4. rene bauer rene bauer

    they pay their bills

  5. rene bauer rene bauer

    i think they Play poker at Weekend so no prblem when stinks

  6. timstv75 timstv75

    that "female" dressed like she is going to world war 3 needs to lose her job.

  7. Mike Spain Mike Spain

    Why are you guys giving ID? What law did you break? Talk about a good old boy relationship, those cops a waist deep in cow manure with the Harris boys. Lots of hits on this video!

  8. live free live free

    HEY!!! Shit Stinks!!! and again I would shoot your FN drone down and your no better than the very police your crying about! and again SHIT STINKS!

  9. Steve Lamberts Steve Lamberts

    I don't quite get why the people in the video were so extremely compliant.
    The cops were breaking multiple laws and violating police procedures and even the US Constitution.
    There are 100s of videos explaining all this in great detail.

  10. Luis vallety Luis vallety

    this is a kettle ranch you stupid liberal fucks its supposed to smell like that what do you want a ocean breeze scent. maybe just city folks aren't used to this country life so stfu!!!!!


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