Can Aspies learn self-defense and martial arts?

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Why learning self-defense is important for young children


Aspies are often bullied and sometimes lack confidence. Learning self-defense is a good way to teach self-confidence and resist bullies.

The nerves typically have other ways to protect themselves. They know when someone wants to hurt them, they might play with the mind to avoid bullying or attack.

Why learning martial arts is difficult for young children


Feel the problem with problems such as loud noise and bright fluorescent lights. Some larvae suffer from social phobias, and some people have problems understanding the instructions. In addition, many small animals have poor motor skills.

My personal experience as a martial arts student


I wanted to learn self-defense from an early age, but my mother opposed it because she thought that girls should not learn martial arts. She told me that I can't learn anything, I will only get hurt. I am afraid that I don't understand these instructions, and I am painfully aware that my athletic ability is poor. For me, my sensory problem is quite mild, but I am afraid to walk into a room full of people.

As an adult, I thought that bullying is over. I thought it was just something happening at school. So I gave up the dream of learning martial arts.

Then I grew up and found a job at a fast food restaurant. I am constantly being bullied and have to quit. I found another job just to be bullied there.

I finally realized that I had no choice but to go to a place that taught mixed Taekwondo, Muay Thai and a little karate. This is a mixed self-defense training.

My first lesson was a complete disaster. I am the only girl in the class, and the coach obviously believes that girls should not learn martial arts. The speed with which he used a baseball bat to show combat tactics was too fast for me to accept, because I couldn't keep up with me and gave me the anger, just ignored me for an hour. I don't understand any of the actions he demonstrated, he didn't provide an explanation or a slow demo.

When the class was over, when I went to the bathroom to change clothes, the guys came in and the mentor told me that he told them they could use the girl's room because he forgot where I was.

I changed my coach and mixed up with men and women. The new coach is better, but he told us to pair the practice techniques, I am alone. At first I was embarrassed, but then the instructor matched me.

Learning self-defense moves has taken me longer than the nerves, but when I finally did, I was the best student, better than anyone else. It enhances my self-confidence and helps me overcome my angry attacks.

Unfortunately, due to stomach aches and lack of money, I had to drop out of school a year later.

I think people can benefit from martial arts or any type of self-defense course. The small partner who recommended me to the martial arts course was highly recommended by me.

How to teach an aspie martial art


If you can afford it, martial arts teaching in a one-on-one environment may be better for autistic people than for a group.

I recommend telling the instructor that the child has Asperger Syndrome or autism in advance.

In a familiar environment, self-defense classes at home may be more suitable for young children.

It may be a good idea to take a course in a room with low lighting and try not to generate too much noise.

Teaching a person to self-defense in the spectrum can be a bit of a challenge, so I recommend looking for a patient coach who is willing to work hard.

Aspies may learn to take self-defense actions slowly, but in the end they may eventually become the best students ever. Our strength, the fact that we are often super, the ability to repeat practice over and over again, and our tendency to become a perfectionist, from my personal experience, this makes us an excellent candidate for martial arts.

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