Can I get a loan on my ATV?

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Riding around the ATV may be a great weekend hobby. Slushing mud or sand throughout the place may just be the stress you need to relieve tension weeks. Having said that, have you ever thought about your ATV as a source of cash?

I have no way to sell my ATV! If this is what you think, you won't have to sell it to get cash from it. You can borrow money from a property lender. Let's explore how it works.

Borrow your ATV

You may think that a property lender can only work with individuals who have traditional tools. However, the property renter may be willing to lend you money on an ATV through a pawn loan.

If your ATV is worth a few hundred dollars, you may not be able to borrow it. However, if the value is at least $500, some property lessors will work with you to provide the loan you need. They do this through pawn loans, which means you can get cash by getting someone to grab your ATV. Think of it as lending a friend to a friend in exchange for some money – only this friend won't damage it!

How much can I borrow?

The amount you can borrow is based on several factors. These include the value of the ATV and the rules for the title credit you choose.

Many property lenders offer loans of only a few hundred dollars. Again, this will be done as a pawn loan, but it can be done through a property lender. This may make your ATV a huge source of revenue to pay for delayed phone bills, utility bills or keep your car paid up to date.

Of course, if the value of ATV allows, you can borrow more than a few hundred dollars. Only ask the lender to evaluate its value and see how much cash you can get!


Suppose you have the 2011 Can-Am DS 250. A quick check of eBay shows that the ATV is currently priced at $2,550. Let us assume that this is the actual value of ATV.

If your title lender offers a $2,000 pawn loan for your ATV, you can get the cash you need to pay any real-world bills. But you don't have to spend $2,000. Assuming that the equity lender you choose provides this amount, you can use a few hundred dollars.

Is it difficult to get a pawn loan through the title lender?

You will have to jump back to your ATV to get a loan, right? not quite.

Pawn loans are usually very easy to obtain. The title credit will focus on the value of ATV.

Moreover, the process of acquiring soldiers is usually smooth. Normally, you will get cash on the day of the application – sometimes just 15 minutes.

in conclusion

So the process is very simple, you can use ATV as a collateral to get some quick cash. If you need fast cash, then you can choose to consider the borrowing needs.

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