Can the registry cleanup tool destroy my computer?

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The Registry Cleanup Tool is being sold on the Internet. The merchant's website says they are safe, but how can you be sure? To stay safe, you only have to do something.

First, backup from

 You use one of the registry fixes to remove any files before the registry. There are several ways to back up the registry, but I recommend using the built-in Windows restore point system.

Most registry cleanup tools are equipped with a backup utility. There are also many good third-party backup systems.

Check your scan from

 Remove the results before the software chooses to delete any files. Find the path to the program you are familiar with.

If you identify the path to a program that your computer is still using, the registry repair software you use may be invalid or counterproductive.

Deselect any content that you are not comfortable with. Most top-level registry cleaners can be safely used on any computer and only remove legitimate errors from the registry.

Finally, save your from

 Software installation files to your desktop. So you can scan files with antivirus software prior to Install it.

If you are not sure about a particular file, especially if you are using a free registry tool, always scan for viruses and spyware. It only takes a minute and is better than reformatting the entire hard drive and losing everything in it!

You can register from

 Did the cleaning tool ruin your computer? The short answer is no… If you use the built-in Windows restore point system to back up your computer, you should have no problem.

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