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Sandler Submarine is a powerful sales tool, but like any other vehicle, it requires fuel to stay stable. The Sandler system uses a number of techniques to help identify potential customers, accelerate sales engines and ultimately complete more transactions. One of the techniques is very simple but very powerful, which we call Reversing.

Reversal is a questioning strategy designed to encourage your potential customers to reveal and even relive their pain. It can also help you qualify for potential customers who are currently not suffering, so you won't waste time searching for potential customers who don't need your service. Reversing is simple, answering questions with more questions. It usually takes 3 or more reversals before a potential customer shares a pain with you.

Let's take a look at the reversal of sales to give you a better idea of ​​how it works. Jim is a contractor and wants to sell roofing products and services to homeowner Jasmine Washington. Jasmine asked Jim, from

“Can you tell me some roof products that you recommend to my family?” from

 Most contractors will take this opportunity to showcase all the great roof tiles, colors and products they offer. But not Jim. Jim has Sandler training. The Sandler method is different, although it may make you more uncomfortable at first, but it will greatly improve your sales. Jim answered a reversible question. from

 “This is a very good question for Jasmine. We offer a wide range of excellent products and it takes a few hours to complete all of these products. Can you more specifically understand what you might be looking for?” from

 Jasmine answered, from

"Well, in the past 25 years, we have turned the house back three times, and every time the roof is not as long as they say."

Many sales people want to explain why their company will be different. However, in the Sandler system, we do not use this approach. Instead, please ask more reversible questions. from

"Wow, I am sorry to have happened to you. Can you tell me more about that?" from

 Jim asked a few reversible questions, and Jasmine shared a story based on her personal experience with other rooftop companies. Her story involves water leaking into her kitchen and damaging several appliances. Jasmine must submit an insurance claim, she said it is a from

"big trouble"from

. Jim asked, in order to solve personal pain, from

 "What effect does this have on you?" from

 Jasmine explained that from

"We have already proposed a Thanksgiving event, but this hole destroyed the stove and the refrigerator a few days before the holiday. So the situation is very annoying. If we didn't solve the problem, I would feel embarrassed."

In this case, Jim used several reversals to let Jasmine expose her pain before the roof problem she encountered. You may need to ask 3 or more reversible questions to let your potential customers know about their pain. We are often taught that children don't answer questionable questions, but in the Sandler system, we often do this. It may not be easy at first, you may feel uncomfortable with this strategy, but as you get better, it will bring benefits. When adults scold you for asking too many questions, you may have a lingering fear of your childhood, but if you learn the correct skills we teach in the Sandler system, you will rarely get a negative reaction. In fact, potential customers will be more likely to feel that you care about them, not just want to sell your products or services to them. In my next blog, I will share some specific tips for using them so that you won't bother your potential customers by reversing the problem.

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