Can your blog earn you cash ?

A blog is an expression of yourself in written form. Basically, it is your thoughts, your ideas, your stories, your opinions, and your information displayed through your written voice. Blogs can be written on just about anything. Although making your blog pay you may not have been the original goal, it is certainly something that most blog owners wouldn’t say no to, if they could make it happen. Earning revenue via your blog can be a very satisfying experience.

Writing diaries and journals has been a popular activity since paper and pen were readily available. So when the internet rolled around, it only made sense that writers put their words on the computer. These diaries or journals weren’t called blogs until Joran Barger phrased the term “weblog.” It was through a simple joke from a blogger, Peter Merholz that cut weblog into we blog. Other bloggers began picking up the word blog and soon it spread like wildfire.

Still for all this, the term “blog” remained relatively unknown to the mainstream public until bloggers ousted the 2002 Senate Majority Leader. Trent Lott. Senator Lott made some statements that were largely ignored by the general media who covered the event. Bloggers started writing about these hot comments. As more of the public became aware, Senator Lott became the center of a controversy. Finally, public pressure was too much and Senator Lott resigned from being the Senate Majority Leader.

It wasn’t just politics that bloggers were interested in. Dan Rather, the news anchor of CBS, reported about President Bush’s military record. The validity of the documents presented was called into question by bloggers. In depth research revealed the documents to be forged and the “rather popular” Dan Rather was fired over the incident. CBS was forced to issue an apology.

One way to make money without actually going through the trouble of writing a blog is to buy and sell the domain names of blogs. Blogs that aren’t generating a lot of visitors or revenue can usually be bought for a very cheap price. Bloggers sometimes get bored of their blogs and put them up for sell. Refurbishing then reselling these at higher price to the right buyer for a quick profit can be a lucrative pastime.

Other bloggers are attempting to grab a piece of the millions of available advertising dollars by putting ads on their blog. Visitors leaving those blogs often click on the ads and for each click, the owner gets some small revenue. Google Adsense, and Adbright are just two of the many online entities that allow you to customize ads for your blog.

The great thing about ad revenues is that you can be collecting revenue, even if you have ignored your blog for quite some time. If however, visitors have been commenting on your blog and keeping it alive or constantly changing for the search engines, then you traffic will be increasing along with your residual income. There are tricks and tips to the size of the ad format relative to its surroundings and the placement of the ad that can make up to 400% more money for you, so before you run out and just put Google’s adsense on your blog, read up on this a little more.

Affiliate marketing is another revenue generator. You sell the products from your blog for a percentage of the profits. Your blog can be a platform for this potential gold mine. Use your blog to emphasize why the customer should buy this product. It helps a great deal if you are familiar with it.

Clickbank is the king of info products and can pay commissions as high as 75%. But Commission Junction, and LinkShare are also great sites that engage in drop shipping and lead generation for commission. Literally, thousands of products are available for you to market. Putting a related product image with an affiliate tag from CJ into a related article on your blog can only help not hurt your chances.

The biggest mistake that bloggers sometimes make is to overload the blog with too many products. The content should reflect what you are selling. Consider selling like items in one blog and starting another one for different types of products. Diversify to give yourself the most chance at making money.

Traffic is the big key to making money from your blog. The more traffic you get to your site, the more money you can potentially make. Some things you can do on your own, like having family and friends help. You can also share links and make comments, pasting your link everywhere you can. Promote your blog through social networks as well.

These two big search engines, Yahoo and MSN appear to be making blogs a priority. If your blog is set up properly, instead of alerting just when a new article has been added, your blog may or could ping/alert 100-200 additional search engines whenever you add new items to your blog. This can bring new readers and alert repeat visitors that there is something new on your site. It will help drive new traffic to your site when people are searching for a subject related to your blog.

Making money from your blog is a realistic and achievable goal. It does take some work and elbow grease type investment to figure out the combination that works best for you. When it does succeed, its often a pleasant surprise to see small checks coming in continuously.Many of the ideas mentioned above are general commonsense ideas. Some of you may have known about them, and for some there may be just a little new information here. Understand however, that while these are all great ideas, implementing them in exactly the right way to make a ton of money is typically a trial and error process that many of you can relate to. Suppose however that there was a way to cut through the wasted trials and use an existing formula that simply works? Read a review of 5 of the web’s best known blog authors, whom all make 7 to 8 figure salaries from their blogs.

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