Canada and Australia Immigration – Tips for getting a PR visa faster

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Obviously, when you want to settle in a vibrant country like Canada or Australia, you want to process your visa faster. If you are a temporary visa, you can only rely on your employer to complete work-related procedures. However, when dealing with a permanent residence visa, the ball is always in your court. Permanent resident visas for these countries are issued based on the applicant's score under their respective immigration systems. These points are often influenced by time, age, work experience, education, spouse skills, etc. These factors ultimately affect the success of the visa application. To make sure your process is smooth and faster, here are the three most important tips.

Tip 1: Apply at the appropriate time –


Reading may seem surprising, but time is definitely a key factor in PR visa applications. Under the time factor, the application may be affected by the following:

  • age: At the time of application, if you are young, you will be more successful. This is because these countries have high demand for young professionals [preferably 18 to 25 years old]. Therefore, by setting yourself to a higher preference and a better career prospect to settle in Canada or Australia, please apply within the age range you need most.
  • Peak month: According to the study, the best time to apply for Australian immigration is February and July. These two months are considered to be the peak period for submission to Australian immigrants. It is said that applications during these peak months are often associated with higher success outcomes.
  • Admission time: Immigration plans for several provinces or countries in each country have specific PNP/state nomination applications. Maintaining a nomination application before these enrollment times usually leads to faster enrollment, which increases the chances of a quick visa.

Tip 2: Improve your CRS score –


You may be aware that Canada and Australia have an immigration system that operates through a point-based structure. The qualifications of the candidate and the success of the international permanent residency status depend to a large extent on his degree of scoring under the points system. If you think your score is preventing your application from succeeding, you can improve your score in the following ways.

  • Improve qualifications: The best and easiest thing you can do to improve your score is to improve your eligibility. If you are a graduate, a higher degree will eventually improve your score and choice preferences. Similarly, any certification or diploma that will enhance your nominated career will be a good way to improve your score.
  • Enhance work experience: Candidates with the highest work experience gain an advantage in the points system in Canada and Australia. If you have the opportunity to improve your work experience before or during the application process, please continue, work hard and update. This may eventually improve your score and get a faster visa.
  • Try IELTS again: To become an international permanent resident, applicants must demonstrate their English proficiency. For this reason, the IELTS score is mandatory. As an applicant, if your IELTS score is delayed or allows you to get fewer points, please try your IELTS score again. The best advice for improving results is to seek expert help to prepare for the IELTS test.
  • Includes partner skills: If your spouse or common-law partner is accompanying your immigrant, it is best to include his/her skills in the application if she/he is eligible. This is because PR visa applicants are assigned additional partner skill points, which ultimately increases points.
  • Try a state/province nomination: If you meet the appropriate state or provincial eligibility requirements, applying for a state nomination increase will increase your points and increase your chances of a quick visa success.

Tip 3: Get expert assistance –


Even though you have put a lot of effort into it, if you still can't get those advantages to overthrow your process, then you may miss something that only the expert eye can capture. Get in touch with the best immigration experts in your city and get advice on what to do with your application. Since immigration experts are up-to-date and have hands-on experience dealing with thousands of visa cases, they will help you analyze the loopholes [if any] of the case and show you how to succeed faster.

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