Caribbean Cruise Weather – Best and Worst Months

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Caribbean cruise weather is less risky for vacationers planning to travel at sea, rather than spending a week on the island for a simple reason – ships can stay away from bad weather, while islands can't.

Someone may invent a detachable island one day, but in resorts, holidaymakers should consider two main factors related to planning the weather of the cruise. The first is the annual hurricane season in the Caribbean, followed by the temperature drop in winter – especially the temperature of sea water.

Hurricane season
The hurricane season lasted from June 1 to November 30, but the region averaged several storms in June and November. According to the US National Weather Service, the average is 3 times in July, and the average is 4 times in August, September, and October.

The August and October storms have a medium risk of developing a hurricane, while September is the most risky.

For these reasons, September is the worst month of the year. April and May are very good times because they are not in the hurricane season, although some Caribbean destinations saw more than normal rainfall in May.

Families considering sailing with their children during the summer vacation should take advantage of June, especially since the risk of storms is low, followed by July.

Air and water temperature
The Caribbean is known for its warmth throughout the year. Although most of it is correct, there are some modest changes in temperature every month. The air and water temperatures in the northern climate in winter have been significantly reduced, making the Bahamas cruise less attractive from December to February.

Anyone interested in taking a Caribbean cruise in the winter should consider making the southern cruise ship a better choice for warmer weather than Eastern or Western cruises.

East, West or South?
Each of the three main destinations changes monthly. In particular, western cruise ships are known for heavy rainfall within the Central American countries along the Caribbean coast, such as Costa Rica and Belize.

The damp interior design is the main factor in planning a day to visit the Mayan ruins, cave pipes, zip linings and more. The same is true of Cozumel Island, Mexico.

Despite significant declines in rainfall, western cruises tend to be more popular in the fall than in the east, in part because of the lesser impact of hurricanes in Central American destinations.

No matter which cruise ship you take, you know that the risk of bad weather in the autumn will increase. If you arrive at a more northern destination in winter, whether you like to swim or lie on the beach will be severely tested.

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