Cayman Islands Weather – Best and Worst Months

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The weather in the Cayman Islands will provide visitors with one of the hottest Caribbean experiences.

The Caribbean is known for its warm weather, but most destinations have an average temperature of 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The Cayman Islands are one of the few archipelago that exceeds 90 in summer or even autumn.

In addition to the hot weather, the resort also offers opportunities for duty-free shopping and excursions, such as Sting Ray City, one of the most popular tours in the Caribbean, where visitors can jump into the sea and swim with friendly schools.

Cayman Islands temperature
According to the World Meteorological Organization, the annual average maximum temperature is 89.5 degrees Fahrenheit, one of the highest temperatures in the region.

From May to November, the monthly average temperature exceeds 90 degrees. The highest temperatures in December, January, February and March averaged 87 degrees.

These islands are unique for their warm days and cool nights.

The monthly average temperature is 70.1 degrees, which is also one of the lowest regional averages.

From December to March, the average low fell to the mid-1960s. When the temperature in the Caribbean is reduced, the sea becomes uncomfortable.

Average rainfall
These islands have an average monthly rainfall of 4.7 inches. It usually rains 14 days a month.

Between January and April, the rainfall is moderate, 1.7 inches per month. The rainfall in May was more than three times, from there to September and October, when the monthly rainfall was 8.3 inches.

In September and October, the total rainfall of these islands is much higher than the average rainfall in the Caribbean.

The same is true for the number of days of rain every month. Compared with less than 10 days in October, the rainfall in September was 20 days, and the rainfall in October was 19 days.

when are we leaving
According to data from the Caribbean Tourism Organization, the most popular months are March, April and December. Despite the low temperatures, March is still very popular.

The least popular month is September, followed by October – just in the middle of the Caribbean hurricane year.

Holidaymakers who want to experience the best weather in the Cayman Islands will find that April is the best month for warm but uncomfortable temperatures and a few days of rain.

Other good months are March, May, June and July. If possible, avoid going there in September and October.

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