Certified LeSS Practitioner: Principles to Practices

Certified LeSS Practitioner: Principles to Practices
Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS) is a framework for scaling agile development to multiple teams. LeSS builds on top of the Scrum principles such as empiricism, cross-functional self-managing teams and provides a framework for applying that at scale. It provides simple structural rules and guidelines on how to adopt Scrum in large product development. The Certified LeSS Practitioner course is an in-depth course covering the LeSS principles, framework and rules, and guides. It provides essential information for adopting and improving LeSS to your product development group. The course contains an overview of LeSS, stories on LeSS adoptions, exercises and extensive LeSS Q&A to ensure we discuss the topics most of interest to the participants. The Certified LeSS Practitioner course is for anyone who is involved in a LeSS effort. Basic Scrum knowledge is expected and can be achieved by attending a Certified ScrumMaster or a Professional ScrumMaster course, or thoroughly reading Scrum introduction material such as the Scrum Primer and practicing Scrum. Agenda : The course is three days. The first day has the focus on the LeSS Overview, the LeSS Principles and organizational aspects. The second day focuses on managing the product development with Definition of Done, role of the Product Owner and how (line) managements role changes in LeSS. The last day focuses on how the different teams coordinate their work, how LeSS is adopted in organizations and the role of the ScrumMaster. In more detail: Day #1: IntroductionScrum, LeSS and LeSS Huge OverviewLeSS PrinciplesOrganizing around Customer Value and Feature Teams Day #2: What is your product?Definition of Done and its impacts.Feature Team Adoption MapProduct Owner and Product BacklogRole of ManagementOrganizational impacts and typical LeSS organizational structure Day #3: LeSS Product Backlog Refinement, Sprint Planning, Review and RetrospectiveConsideration on technical practices when scaling.Integration & CoordinationAdopting LeSS in your organizationCase Study: Nokia Networks two LeSS Huge adoptionsScrumMaster role within LeSSDetails : After course completion All participants will be a Certified LeSS Practitioner and will get an account on less.works. Here they can find additional information about LeSS, share course information and stay in contact with the other course participants. About the Trainer Bas Vodde is the co-creator of Large Scale Scrum (LeSS), is a coach, consultant, programmer, trainer, and author related to modern agile and lean product development. When he coaches organizations, he works on three levels: organizational, team, individual/technical practices. He has trained thousands of people in software development, Scrum, and modern agile practices for over a decade. Refund PolicyPlease read our full terms and conditions. Group Pricing5 person - ,395 USD per group (limited availability). All five must work in the same company or on the same product. Contact us for details.

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