Chapter 13 – Online Advertising – Putting the banner into the work

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As you may have gathered from the title, this chapter focuses on banner ads, but don't believe that banner ads are the end of all online ads. "Banner" is a bit of a misnomer – modern online creative advertising is like this from

More than just banner ads from


Multipurpose nature of advertising

Advertising, whether online or offline, always has many goals:

o Establish brand awareness

o Create consumer demand

o inform consumers of your ability to meet this need

But when you really think about it, they can be reduced to an action: from

Increase sales!

Advertising is based on simple demand and supply economics. Advertisers aim to stimulate consumer demand and then meet this demand. Create demand. Then meet the needs.

Establish brand awareness

Getting people to know your brand or product is an important long-term goal. Once the customer understands you, you have taken the first big step to gaining trust… and their sponsorship. This is a simple fact that well-known brands do more. This is where the problem lies.

The ultimate goal is to do more business and from

Sell ​​more from


Establish brand awareness from

 Perhaps a key advantage of online creative advertising. It is a great visual effect, making it an ideal channel for promoting brand collateral.

Creating consumer demand

Brand and product awareness is also about from

Creating demand from

 . Advertising needs to convince consumers what they should want and why they want it. Modern online advertising can provide a great way to communicate the USP of a product, helping to increase demand.
Wish is a function of knowledge. You can't want something you don't know.

Meet consumer needs

Once your consumers need something, they need to know your ability to meet this need. If your brand building is effective, they know your presence. Now tell them how to provide what they need.

Promote transportation and sales

If your online campaign doesn’t drive traffic, then it really doesn’t make sense, is it? All forms of online marketing are needed from

In the long run, this can drive traffic. from

 . But what about the short and medium term?

That is from

Immediacy of online advertising from

 stand out. Unlike traditional media advertising, online advertising can turn a potential customer into an actual customer. More importantly – you can accurately track the performance of your campaign.

payment method

Different payment models are available depending on the primary goal of the campaign:


Pay exposure. CPM is the cost-per-acquisition for CPM and CPM. This is usually the way a campaign is priced. from

Brand awareness is the primary goal from

 . This is also the way most banner ads are priced in South Africa.


Pay for clicks. CPC stands for cost-per-click. Usually associated with paid search marketing, banners can be priced like this from

The purpose is to increase traffic from

 . This is rarely used in South Africa.


Pay for the acquisition. CPA returns CPA. This model means that the publisher bears all the risks. Advertisers only pay when an ad serves an ad.

This is the best payment method if you are buying a banner ad – this is the worst way to charge if you sell again.
Not surprisingly, the CPA model is usually not used for advertising and is usually associated with affiliate marketing. Of course, when you publish a federated banner, the lines are blurred.

flat rate

Sometimes, owners of low-traffic sites choose to sell banner ads at a flat rate, which is a monthly fixed fee, regardless of traffic or impressions. This will attract media buyers who may be testing online campaigns that are generally targeted at niche markets.

So what exactly is the banner?

Simply put, banner ads are hyperlinked images. The image carries the message, and the hyperlink takes the visitor to the advertiser's landing page.

Of course, it is not necessarily an image. In fact, this form of advertising has come a long way, because the early picture says "Click here!" and closes you on the home page of the advertiser's website.

Banners can contain other forms from

Rich media from

 And many uses from

Interactivity and sound attract attention from

 . The use of action scripts and technologies such as Flash has brought this form of online advertising to a whole new level.

Types of banner ads – size issues!

As mentioned earlier, "banner ads" have some misnomers. The banners come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Perhaps it is called "rich media advertising" or "online creative advertising" is more descriptive.

If we traditionally break it down, banner ads can be divided into different categories based on their size and shape:

Ø from


o Full banner: 468 X 60
o Half flag: 234 X 60
o Micro Bar: 88 X 31
o Vertical Banner / Mini Skyscraper: 120 X 240
o Leaderboard: 770 X 60

Ø from


o button 1:120 X 90
o button 2: 120 X 60
o Micro button: 80 X 15
o Square button: 125 X 125/120 X 120

Ø from

Rectangular ad

o medium rectangle: 300 X 250
o Square pop-up: any size, but 200 X 200 is common
o Vertical rectangle: 240 X 400
o Large rectangle: 336 X 280
o Rectangle: 180 X 150 and other variations

Ø from


o Wide skyscraper: 160 X 600
o Skyscraper: 120 X 600
o Half page ad / super skyscraper: 300 X 600

Although the above dimensions indicate the size of the ad generally accepted, rich media technology means that the ad itself can from

Extend the allocated area beyond the page space from

 . Expanding ads, "popping up" when hovering, overlaying ads that appear on top of the site's content, and ads with interactive elements have become very popular.

But why banner ads?

In the previous chapter, we continue to discuss from

The value of marketing tools, focused on providing consumers with what they want from

 When they are looking for it. Now, we suddenly changed the route and proposed an interruption marketing method? what is that?

Horse course from

 – Some campaigns are more suitable for visuals.

o You are promoting a travel package. What provokes more emotions – the image of a tropical paradise? Or "tropical paradise"?

o Want to build your own brand in a specific field? Why not brand a website for every major participant in that niche through banner ads?

o Participate in the competition? Let the target market focus on the prizes

o Introducing an exciting new sports car? Image of the call to action – "Test drive now" – or from

Interactive rich media highlights all exciting new features from

 When you hover your mouse over the part of the car on the image


Because banners can contain rich media, they provide a level of interaction that other forms of advertising can't. Let your target market not only see your banner, but also let them play it. Interaction creates connections and improves consumer opportunities from

Remember your brand tomorrow from


Animation, games, video, flash – You think banner ads are just hyperlinks. Modern online advertising can bring together other online marketing strategies:

o A few years ago, Flash microsites were all the rage – now the same functionality can exist in ads

o Viral marketing: clever viral marketing games or "send to friends" feature – get again from advertising

o Video – View video previews in ads


Online advertising can further target your target market in a variety of ways:

Ø from

Location targeting from

 – Online advertising has the ability to be targeted by country, province or city, and even deep into IP addresses

Ø from

Network/browser type from

 – Markets can be further targeted via web/browser types such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, MAC, etc.

Ø from

Connection Type from

 – Users can segment via broadband or dial-up connection

Ø from

Day and time from

 – Choose any time of the day, any day of the week. This usually depends on the customer’s goal of the campaign or the product itself.

Ø from

Screw cap from

 – Limit the number of times a user views a particular ad


Banner ads are as measurable as all e-marketing strategies. from

Track clickthrough rate from

 And you can see how many people are responding to your call to action. Some publishers can even track after clicks, ie if this is the purpose of advertising, you can track users all the way to sales.

Similar to traditional media

eMarketers often lament the fact that it is sometimes difficult to educate the market about the value of marketing technology. The traditional buyer of the advertisement has been somewhat restricted and has understood the advertisement in some way.

Banner advertising has gone a long way from

Bridging the advertising department from

 . Advertisements come in a certain size, they look very similar to print ads, and they occupy a certain amount of space in the publication and have a certain number of eyeballs. It's easy to understand that buyers are used to expecting advertising.

Bottom line – if done right, from

Online advertising can also build your brand and increase your sales!

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