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Did you spend all your energy before the presentation, or during your speech, workshop or Power Point presentation? Maybe you will immediately fall into panic mode, or think you are bored by the audience, or hope that you can simply end this now. Ok, you are not alone, because most of us are always there.

Still, there are steps to charging your energy when you need it most.

Charging step #1: from

 Take a deep breath for about 3-5 seconds to regain your mind and body. This will release muscle tension in your voice to reduce monotonous or high-pitched tones. Keep breathing, fill your tank with aerodynamics, and focus your thoughts on "Okay, I have got this!" Breathing helps to eliminate brain confusion, which is the driving force of energy projection.

Charging step #2: from

 smile! Yes, this really helps you get rid of battery loss. Think of yourself as a race, lottery prize or winner of a round-the-world trip. Any positive image you know will trigger your start button, such as launching your car. This will increase your flash and interest your audience.

Charging step #3: from

 Beyond breathing. Pass the inner power of this new discovery to your audience through animation and passion. When you express your energy through movement, excitement and personal interaction with the audience, you can walk around in your space. Feel the purpose of your message as if it were an important reason why you must now share it with your audience.

Tell your story or example with emotional shocks. Don't be afraid to put it all there, whether it's serious, interesting or mysterious. Enjoy your presentation as you move from one point to another. Without passion, an actor who completes the task never touches his audience. Well, it's the same as the speaker.

I remember once I almost fell asleep before I presented it to 50 people. So, I know that I have to enter the instant recharge mode. I replaced my opening warm-up with a new warm-up that allowed me to move and interact with the audience. I feel the energy and passion that can be passed on to the audience.

The next time your demo battery is about to die, please use these charging steps to power it. Here's the impact of your newly refreshed voice!

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