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Finding cheap domain names and web hosting on the online marketplace of today's web hosting services is not difficult. Competition is fierce. I recommend that you pay close attention to other features you get from any hosting company. You can read the "Rules" as you say. Make sure they don't shorten functionality in other areas such as bandwidth and disk space.

I have seen some companies working in the market, just like you see the incredible deals that car dealers have made to get you into the market. Then, once you find a problem in you. I hate that! ! !

If I am looking for a cheap domain name and web hosting today, I will look for a company that offers a free domain name. They are there. That will save you $10 a year.

I will also look for companies that offer multiple domain hosting services on the same account. The reason is that you may only plan to build a website now, but then? If you don't have another website, you don't want to pay additional hosting fees for other websites.

I will also look for companies that offer unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth. They are there, less than $10 a month.

In my opinion, 24/7 customer support and 99.9% uptime guarantee are also required. Nothing is worse than getting your website to crash. If you have problems with your website and hosting company, you won't be able to provide real-time support around the clock. Got there and did it. You must seek support by email and hope they will respond to you within a reasonable time.

Hope this helps you think about things you might not have thought of when buying cheap domain names and virtual hosts.

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