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Finding qualified, professional and quality roof companies can be a challenging task. Not to mention that there are no specific qualifications in Canada for self-proclaimed roofers, and there are many potential rooftop professionals in most major cities such as Vancouver. Having said that, the trick is to find a quality roofing company where homeowners can take steps to find a successful and experienced professional to provide excellent roof repair or replacement. So how do homeowners choose a rooftop company? The following steps will help you get rid of the best results from the rest.


Obviously, you want to hire a rooftop worker with the skills and experience to provide quality work. First, start with the roof work approved by the Bureau of Business Improvement, but also require proof of qualification. The best roofers attend courses that provide training for specific roof applications, so ask about their training and quality control processes.

Successful record

Next, look for a roofer who can provide you with a successful record. Past performance has always been a good indicator of future success, so you should ask potential rooftop workers for a list of customers who can verify the quality of their work. In addition, you should ask past customers about their working relationship with the rooftop company and whether they are completed on time and on budget.

Guarantee and guarantee

Most roofers will provide similar warranties and guarantees, although roofing materials are usually covered by the manufacturer's warranty, but the roofer should ensure labor and construction. In addition, you should also know when the roof company is operating. Even the most inclusive and intensive warranty, as long as your roof contractor does business and proves that building a roof company in the community will give you peace of mind, even the most inclusive and intensive warranty. in this way.

Beautifully printed

All quotes need to be received in writing and you should take the time to carefully check all aspects of the quote. Your quotation may include start and end dates [for severe weather], as well as information about process warranties and details of the type of roof installed.


Another factor to consider is whether your roof contractor is responsible for liability insurance. Most professionals have never considered the risks associated with the roof, so you need to be sure that the roof contractor and his staff are protected from accidents or injuries. You should request WorkSafeBC warranty and liability insurance.

Ultimately, you want to hire a rooftop company that is certified, certified, insured and can provide reference. By carefully examining potential roof contractors in advance, you will be more assured because you know your roof is good.

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