Choosing a Remotely Hosted Social Networking Platform

If you are considering adding some type of social networking application to your website or you want to build a standalone social networking website, some social networking platforms offer a very professional and design oriented way to do so. Most will also offer just about every imaginable feature you could want for your social network making sure you do not loose out on functionality.

Some remotely hosted software solutions require more technical knowledge than others because they give webmasters more intricate control over layout by allowing webmasters to manipulate HTML headers, footers, and CSS styling. Although they take more skill to use, once developed they give your social networking site a more seamless and professional look; not a cookie cutter appearance. Even though you have greater control over customization with these platforms you still don’t have to worry about maintaining a program on your server and coding because it is remotely hosted.

Some remotely hosted solutions give you the ability to customize your network’s URL so visitors to your existing site get a sense of congruence as they navigate from your main site to your social networking platform. Some also offer unlimited storage for pictures, videos, audio, and videos for free meaning that your members will not have to worry about running out of space when sharing content. Others, however, have limits on storage capacity depending on the plan you purchase.

If you want a truly customized social networking site, be sure the platform you choose gives an ID to your members that will only work with your network, which is unlike the universal ID given for all networks developed with other social networking platforms. This feature allows you to build a social network that looks customized and not a part of a larger software platform.

Advertising on a social networking website created with a remotely hosted platform be easy and some offer innovative advertising programs, while other platforms don’t offer much advertising flexibility. Creators can get total control over advertising including collecting revenue, wile some platforms offer no control at all.

Some remotely hosted platforms offer innovative widgets that make promoting your social network easy even on a viral level. Others are limited in functionality so be sure to compare features. Some require more technological skill to set up but the results are worth it if you have the skill or can afford a web designer that does. Others are very easy to set up and use but lack more sophisticated features.

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