Choosing Which Waleska Golf Course Communities To Live In

Moving to the luxurious Waleska golf course communities means that you will need to make a choice between several great neighborhoods. In a county where great golf courses abound, homes are luxurious, the scenery is majestic, and your perfect home yet awaits your discovery.

The Waleska golf course communities are in abundance around this county about an hour north of Atlanta. The homes range from about $ 139,000 upwards to several million dollars. Cherokee County is hilly with the foothills of the Smoky Mountains being in part of it. This makes the scenery grand and it is just a beautiful place to live.

Three Waleska golf course communities are built around lakes. One of them, the Lake Arrowhead Country Club, is built around a private lake of 540 acres. It is a deep and crystal clear lake that is great for water skiing and boating. Many of the lake front homes have their own large boat docks and boat lifts. Another good feature is that the lake only varies a little in depth throughout the year since it is spring fed. The other Country club around a lake is Hawk Ridge.

One of the new Waleska golf course communities is the one at Crystal Lake - called Crystal Falls. It is on the border of the Dawson-Cherokee county lines and surrounds the 411-acre Crystal Lake, which is a reservoir. There is a boundary around the lake that requires all land within 150 feet of the lake remain untouched - preserving the natural beauty of it. Many homes are yet to be built, so now would be the best time to look into buying land and building your home in this great new golf community.

A lot of other new communities are also in the works for this part of Georgia. It seems each of the larger towns is building or will be building more of these Cherokee county subdivisions. The most popular places center around the cities of Canton, Alpharetta, Ballground, Waleska, and Woodstock. Some of the better known top Georgia golf course communities are Lake Arrowhead, Hawk's Ridge, Eagle Watch, Bridgemill, Bradshaw Farms, Towne Lake Hills, Echelon, and The Fairways. Two of these golf communities stand out as being among the top places to live in north Georgia and have the most expensive homes - costing in the millions of dollars. This would be in the Echelon and the Hawk's Ridge golf course communities.

Nearly all of these communities offer a number of activities. This includes golfing, tennis - some of them have lighted tennis courts, and a pool. Unique features, though, can be found at a few of these golf courses. The Lake Arrowhead Country Club and Hawk's Ridge are built around lakes, Bridgemill has some waterslides, and two of them have restaurants - Echelon and Hawksridge. A number of stables are in the area that offers the opportunity to go horseback riding. Most of these Waleska golf course communities also offer lessons for golf, tennis, and various type of exercise programs.

Another new golf community that has two subdivisions that offers Cherokee county luxury homes is a place called Laurel Canyon - near Canton. The communities are called Seasons and Longleaf. Seasons is a gated community catering to those over 55 who are still very interested in leading active lifestyles. The other one, Longleaf, is an open community designed for families. Prices within these Cherokee county subdivisions will start out around $ 100,000 and go into the million dollar range. This community has many plans in the way of activities that includes unusual features that demands the need for a full-time social activity director. Activities include the use of the theater and performing arts center - in the clubhouse, gourmet teaching kitchen, two kilns and craft rooms, pool tables, a pool and much more.

Getting your new home in one of these top new Atlanta golf course communities is something that should be looked into rather quickly because a lot of homes are being sold. Being close to Atlanta for work and travel, these Waleska golf course communities create an ideal location.

Lake Arrowhead is an exceptional residential lake and golf community so close to the conveniences and attractions of the south's largest urban center, yet so very far away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. Visit for more information.


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