Clarkson's five consulting relationship models

Humanistic Integrative Counseling uses a variety of tools to improve the quality of treatment links between clients and consultants. The integrated counselor realized that he could not use the same counseling skills on each client because each client was a unique individual with personal emotional needs.

It is necessary for a comprehensive counselor to use a model to help determine the nature of their association with the client. One such model is known as Clarkson's 5 relational model. In this model, Petruska Clarkson proposes five counseling relationships that, if used properly, will strengthen the client-therapist's connection to help heal the healing process. They are as follows:

1. The work alliance involves a contract that the consultant and the client originally drafted and agreed upon. It includes terms and conditions regarding agreed payment terms, frequency of treatment periods, purpose and objectives of treatment, and confidentiality.

2. When either of them contacts the other party, there is a transfer relationship between the client and the therapist; for example, parents, friends, siblings, relatives, old romantic interests, etc., it feels like talking or listening to that person. If this relationship helps them in the healing process, then this relationship can sometimes be beneficial to the customer. However, the therapist must maintain the professionalism required by the client-therapist relationship, as the therapist cannot merely act as a parent or spouse in the client's life.

Repairing a relationship is a way for a customer to feel the emotional relationship between him and his therapist. When the client-therapist relationship is such that the client feels safe and the therapist cares; when the association provides comfort and treatment to the customer, it can also be called a re-child relationship because it helps to heal and repair Emotional defects and trauma caused by childhood.

4. The relationship between “real” or “person-to-person” is when the client-therapist relationship becomes so strong that the client does not have any suppression of his true feelings and thoughts in front of the therapist. Basically, in our daily lives, we are used to wearing exterior walls to become the kind of people that people and society agree with and accept. In order to heal, it is necessary to eliminate this unrealistic mask, so that the customer feels confident and safe enough to reveal his true personality and thoughts.

Super personal relationships are related to spirituality, faith, life value and meaning. This combination is said to exist when there is a spiritual or spiritual exchange between the therapist and the client. This is the moment when things suddenly click, or a magical coincidence, sometimes a moment of truth, understanding and realization. This combination is a bit more complicated, because sometimes it can only be experienced by either; the customer or the therapist, but not the other.

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