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REFORGER' 88 reflects the same meticulous research and exciting game theory that amateurs expect from Gary Grigsby after the Guadalcanal Campaign, Carrier Force, Objective Kursk and War in Russia. In this simulation, it is assumed that the Fulda Gorge, which invaded the Warsaw Convention Force, was mainly aimed at protecting the main air bases of the Rhine near Frankfurt. The United States and West German forces must fight against the Soviet and East German aggressors in order to facilitate NATO forces. The superior substitution ability has caused damage to the Communists. Games can be described as large tactical wars because players focus on unit-to-unit battles where terrain and target selection are critical to success, but players must also focus on overall supply allocations, air superiority and/or target definitions and aerial reconnaissance usually retained. To strategic decision makers.

The game has a fine combination of two levels of decision making, and many games choose a strategic or tactical level. In the solitaire card mode, players are limited to playing NATO forces. Of course, this will inevitably limit its appeal to aggressive players who want to play computer opponents. In both player versions, the game plays smoothly and friendly enough to allow exciting games to be played in one afternoon. Grigsby wasted little programming time on the extra "whistle and bells" such as the title page and unnecessary graphics. Instead, it provides useful features such as "automatic mobile repositories." This feature allows the supply station to reach the front line very quickly, limiting the need for players to try to find the best route ahead. Once the warehouse is parked near the front line, the player can manipulate it to supply the units he needs most. However, if the covered map will be printed using map coordinates, the rendering of the game can be improved. Considering this small increase, you can speed up the game.

As with most of Grigsby's land combat games, supply is also a very important factor. Units that are not available find themselves not only physically incapable but also unable to move. When five or more Warsaw Convention units surround you, it is unpleasant to be a sitting duck. Successful players will carefully read the supply rules and make great efforts to achieve the two hexagons needed to supply all of his units.

The second most important factor in winning the competition is the aviation mission allocation phase. The most important task is the "air superiority." If the enemy's "air superiority" is significantly greater than his own "air superiority", then it does not matter how many battle points the player can place on the "ground attack", he will lose an inappropriate number of aircraft. I found that NATO players wisely used all of his F-15 and F-16 Falcons and most tornadoes to perform "air superiority" missions for Mirage, F-111,

A-10s, PAH-LS and AH-64 will have a reasonable chance of survival. This proposed allocation has the advantage of using each aircraft based on its strongest combat point value [except for tornadoes with better ground attack levels, but it is necessary to offset the “air superiority” of the Warsaw Pact because their 9 CP is The "Air Advantage" mission ranks third. Then, when a player thinks he has mastered the mechanics of the game, he must learn to be wary of two very important Warsaw treaty advantages, paratroopers and chemical warfare. Paratroopers, see CGW 5.2 Strategic speech. In chemical warfare, the Warsaw Pact needs to take into account strategic objectives, because the effectiveness of air strikes and bombardment doubles, and when used in combat groups before chemical attacks, it is foolish to use chemical warfare so early in the game. So when NATO's defensive performance is tapped, its strategic value and low morale impact are not available. In. The last short tip is orderly. Unlike some games [and our, real battle], The same piece of land, hills or city blocks were taken and repeated many times, and NATO’s defensive goals mean once Warsaw Hexagonal about troops into the city area, NATO forces will never remake it.

Therefore, before the city hex attack, NATO players meet with the enemy is crucial. In this way, if NATO players are defeated and take full advantage of the city's defensive topographical effects, he may retreat to the city.

REFORGER' 88 is an excellent game that uses a free, fluid and user-friendly system that meets game needs from initial launch to last conversion. This is an incredible result, and even a careful reading of the weapons system list makes some of the Pentagon's budgetary considerations obvious. The game is destined to have a large amount of playing time and a long shelf life.

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