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Today, the use of climate and weather provisions in a synonymous manner has become a norm, and there are many differences between the two, as explained in the following lines.

The climate is the average weather observed over a long period of time, usually 30 years or more. These conditions are recognized and are well known in specific locations. For example, it is well known that London has a mild climate with frequent precipitation in summer and winter. What does it mean? This means that the accepted fact is that London's summer and winter are mild, and London's climate is rainy.

As another example, Cairo's climate is hot and dry in summer and cool and dry in winter. This means that the summer in Cairo is very hot and the winter is very cool. The weather statement also gives us another message that the summer and winter climates are dry, and that's true! Cairo has only one inch of rainfall per year.

The weather is the temperature, pressure, relative humidity and current conditions of the rainy day at a particular location, and it can deviate in view of the long-term average above. This is a very easy to understand concept. In recent years, especially after 2000, there has been an unassailable heat wave in London in the summer. Therefore, if we encounter high temperatures during the heat wave, we will say that the weather in London is hot today in July. This does not mean that the climate in London is hot in July.

Similarly, for Cairo, for example, if we experienced an unusually cool summer in July and the temperature dropped to a very pleasant range, we said that the weather in Cairo is pleasant today on July. It does not mean that the climate in Cairo in July is pleasant. To further explain, if for any reason we observed that Cairo suddenly plunged more than 5 inches in a few hours, then we would say that the weather in Cairo is raining today. It has no effect on the dry Cairo climate, which is a recognized fact.

It can be concluded from the above that the climate is the average weather observed over a long period of time, usually 30 years or more, and the weather is the current temperature state observed somewhere.

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