1. Rama Krishna Rama Krishna

    dumbass wordpress is not a cms.

  2. Евгений Андрейчук Евгений Андрейчук

    Кому интересно могу порекомендовать отличный хостинг для сайтов на WordPress и Joomla. Особенность в том что WordPress, Joomla и другие цмс ставит сам из админки и обновляет тоже сам. http://www.ukraine.com.ua/?page=91140

  3. Martin Nosek Martin Nosek

    I am developer, mostly, my customers select wordpress because they like the administration landing page with editor (like their Word on PC) but sometimes it ends with reinstalling other system. When customer wants to extend the system, we often reach the limits of wordpress and need to install other system (drupal, joomla) as they can be extended much more easier way then wordpress – mostly without hardcoding and mostly without fear that the changes will be lost when updating (overrides). I like wordpress for really simple websites (blogs, its CMS function is something what was built over its system and when making modifications, it is very limited 🙁 ) For large projects I use Joomla! and WordPress. I don't know if it is good to compare them, I use all of tree for different types of websites – for each type I prefer one of them. When I should code something, I select Joomla! – I like its code architecture – its MVC, OOP and database functions, I even use the Joomla! framework for systems which are not based on CMS – just use the specific methods – this saves me a lot of time.

  4. Kaushal Parikh Kaushal Parikh

    good review. totally non biased. thats how a review should be. keep up!

  5. Helen Doherty Helen Doherty

    Good video. WordPress is more versatile than you realise though… You can add all sorts of extras (including bits you code yourself) via Plugins

  6. Fast Pay Per Click Limited Fast Pay Per Click Limited

    WordPress is the King!

  7. Let's Build WordPress Let's Build WordPress

    Great video!

  8. Nick Flint Nick Flint

    Stay tuned for Joomla vs. Drupal vs. WordPress vs. Matriss. Oops, I mean Matrix.

  9. sSunbeamM sSunbeamM

    nice music! where can i get it?

  10. Commercial Progression Commercial Progression

    I spent years working with Joomla! as my primary open source CMS, but it turned out to be a stepping stone for me.


  11. paidtosignups1 paidtosignups1

    as a comparison, wordpress is like Windows, joomla is like Mac OSX, and Drupal is like Linux

  12. James Moore James Moore

    What about an all out alternative to the WordPress and Joomla comparison. Sometimes we get a little bit caught up on fix budget. Growing the mind set of free is better. In reality free comes most of the time with out support and have to paying for third party plugins and. That why my company choose centralpoint by Oxcyon. Right out the box it comes with 230 modules to get you started. You don't have to worry about support cause it is there save you time. Feel free to blog or build whatever

  13. Markus K Markus K

    This is totally bullshit, WordPress is way better!! WP has more user, more plugins, more people developing plugin and theme and everything else to wordpress..

  14. Franco Ramos Franco Ramos

    yeah! my fuckin' school hate it, but I did used Joomla for my thesis cause the panel dont understand it… <<< troll 😛

  15. Midas the Great Midas the Great

    If you're just going to try to substitute for WordPress' functions why not just install WordPress and be done with it? Honestly, this was a good video but I could've expected which one came out as best, having to stare at your joomla dev website for a while.


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