Colored metal roofing – the right choice for your roof

Colored metal roofing has been widely welcomed in the industrial sector. In addition to commercial use, manufacturers have begun to use it in retail and residential projects. In any case, is there any convincing purpose behind the engineer to indicate the shadow metal material? How do we read the benefits and discover the status quo.

From the case of metal materials summoning GI GI board photos, the development of India marks the metal roof of the new era. The market indicator for shaded metals has grown from 45,000 tons per year to about 2,00,000 tons per year, but limited capacity has been concentrated for several years. Development evaluation is 15-20%. For an industry that enters India, it doesn't make sense, because it makes the concept of sheet metal material worth changing and changes its image, so it has been recognized as a first-class material choice.

Why choose a metal roof?


Metal roofs are significantly lighter than RCC or pottery tiles, allowing you to plan a basic structure and spend less. This is not an average preference because in many activities, this cost reduction allows for consideration of other respected elements.


As the style expands, no matter how you look at it, the building is not noticed, and the manufacturer needs to be arranged so that she can understand her creative ability. Metal roofs are suitable as violins, and many producers now offer near-innovative sheets that form mouth-watering shapes and sizes. Obviously, this should be done within the farthest load plan, taking into account the development of heat. Manufacturers warned against the terrible effects of the warm extension problem and urged engineers not to succumb to supporting longboards that did not consider thermal issues.

As the non-ferrous materials approach, it is determined that the metal roof is no longer fatigued and consistent. Planners come in a variety of colors to make the roof look enticing.

Strong and tough

In its essence, positive factors seem to outweigh the pros and cons. The metal roof panel provides complete security for the components. They are solid steel sheets, aluminum or metal amalgams with high quality and toughness. This is similar to the fact that they can withstand wind loads, rain, hail and snow, as well as different effects. They are also unaffected by the flame and have a normal problem of low stretch shape and accumulation in a tropical atmosphere such as India.

In addition, painted or pre-coated metal roofs are also safe to use. Although the organization did not give any guarantees in India, they asserted that their material arrangements will last for 15-20 years. Global experience has proven that metal materials have a life expectancy of more than 25 years.

Simpleness of establishment

Not like the seasonal GI and asbestos-concrete layered roofs settled with J-snares and represent some problems, the current sheet metal roof is solved with a latch. There are frames to seal the joints between the sheets of material that guarantee speed and precision as these components are intended to form an answer. Yes, it is necessary to ensure the use of a bright latch that will not rust or consume, thus emphasizing the sufficiency of the metal plate. Manufacturers are currently specifying the details of specific brands and latches and other equipment to circumvent the problem.

In order to avoid corporate mistakes and poor processes, and to plague a wide range of development operations, some manufacturers also use metal materials as a turnkey project. Although this shows an answer that is good for you, there is no guarantee that the establishment of the manufacturer will be good. If you have a reliable casual worker, it can also purchase items from known organizations.

Suitable for Indian climatic conditions

This is an extremely confused area. Although the cost of protecting metal roofs is slightly higher, making them an expensive and expensive option, the variables make the Indian climate reasonable.

The temperature in day and night in India varies greatly, reaching 15-20 degrees per day, making the metal change 60-70%. Metals have the qualities to perform such development and construction during their expected lifetime.

Considering the entrenched habits of high-rise roofs and the opportunity to plan structures through common ventilation with all openings provided, metal roofs can be similarly used and other materials are used to reduce the use of counterfeit cooling cooling frames. Ask about CBRI and other speculative locations, indicating that the slope of 15-18 degrees is the perfect Indian condition.

Why color metal roof?

All of the above variables remain unchanged for these roofs, but basically they provide safety, a modern look and a long life of more than 15-20 years. Metal roofing sheets and accessories are also relatively cheap when taken in accordance with other roofing materials


As with every other product, if the application and properties are suitable for the joint venture, you can determine the roof metal material. This innovation has passed the ideal opportunity for uncertainty. With quality manufacturers, classifications, established attribution settings, and various program points of interest, such as toughness, adaptability, and aesthetics, metallic-colored roofs have crossed the limits of experimentation and are entering recognized project categories.

However, this country's app can be said to be the beginning, away from some amazing development exploits as part of the selection task, such as stadiums, shopping centers and metropolitan urban community office buildings. This material requires a good plan and the impulsive app's impulse to truly blend and truly recognize.

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