Colourlab for DaVinci Resolve

Colourlab for DaVinci Resolve
Colourlab is a special application for look development and HDR created by world-renowned Colorist and Color Scientist Dado Valentic. Since its inception twelve months ago, Colourlab has become an essential part of many high-end Color Managed Film and TV productions. Originally, it was available only to a small group of 250 industry professionals who have been deploying it on many projects: from high-end HDR commercials for Panasonic, Samsung and Sony to TV dramas for Amazon, Netflix and HBO. Now for the first time, Colourlab is becoming available to all industry professionals as a plugin for DaVinci Resolve and we have creator Dado Valentic joining us in LA on August 2 for its launch. Why is it important to learn about Colourlab, HDR and Color Management? Some facts: Netflix will invest over billion on new productions in 2017 Each month, HBO adds new HDR movies and TV shows to HBO Go and HBO Now Apple is getting into the game of the original TV programming Alibaba, Facebook and Google also ramped up investment in original content Presentation Topics Introduction to Color Managed Workflow – What it is and why it is the recommended workflow for Netflix and Amazon shows Look development with Colourlab – We will be explaining a unique approach to look development and showing possibilities of the extended profile library of Colourlab. HDR workflows – How to use Colourlab HDR for HDR grading in DaVinci Resolve and how to simultaneously grade in HDR and SDR while saving time and creating the best image results. **Special Offer** All attendees will receive a voucher for 50% off a new Colourlab license. The Colourlab DaVinci Resolve plugin will be made available for free to all existing Colourlab software license holders. Presenter Dado Valentic is an award winning color grading artist based in the UK with over 16 years of industry experience. He is best known for his work on Total Recall, Gulliver’s Travels, Mr Nice, Sherlock Holmes by Guy Richie, Dough starring Jonathan Pryce and Blackwood by Adam Wimpenny. He is currently working on Absolutely Anything directed by Terry Jones and starring Simon Pegg and A Hundred Streets starring Idris Elba. Dado is the founder of Mytherapy, a colour grading studio, based in Warner Bros. De Lane Lea, London, UK. To learn more about Dado, visit his Linkedin page /

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