Common Law Lien – Strong Resistance to Foreclosure Strategy

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Common law lien is a just resource for combating foreclosures

What if you can stick to the bank for 100 years? The elements of the common law lien will allow you to do this. Think you can get the attention of the bank now? Yes! They will be all ears.

Most homeowners facing foreclosure do not know that they can actually protect their interest in the house. Just like a bank trying to make a foreclosure. The homeowner must act quickly and place the common law lien before the property foreclosure! Invalid after foreclosure because of lost ownership.

To understand the basics of CCL, we must first determine what the actual lien is. A lien, such as a common law lien, is a requirement for property. However, the lien is a legal document that requires performance of the obligation. As emphasized, it represents a claim for property that, when it comes to a lien, is attached to the frozen title in the name of the homeowner, who is listed as the owner of all property. CCL has left a lien on Lienor's property with legal property. In this case, possession does not mean ownership of the property. The elements that constitute the common law lien explain the lien or the right to be entitled.

If the homeowner is evicted from the property, they will no longer be legally owned. To retain a lien on property requires a commercial lien because other people now have legal property. The common law lien is the solution for the lien property that the bank attempts to cancel the mortgage. This allows homeowners facing foreclosures to protect assets.

Common law conjunction element

  Most homeowners facing foreclosure are most concerned about their investments at home. Although many real people may not have much equity today, because the real estate market is declining but for a few years and years from now? What are the homeowners who actually own a large stake?

Don't worry, because the CCL element can help homeowners recover their equity investments.

The following are three elements for assessing what the actual amount of a common law lien should be. Secret weapon formula!

1. Major interests

  Calculate the exact amount of all principal payments for your mortgage.

  Make sure not to include interest payments, this only applies to principal payments. Don't lie; you must be able to back up this information.

2. Major improvements

  Calculate the exact amount of all improvements to increase the value of the property, including outside the land. Make sure to apply only the principal amount you pay instead of the interest amount. General maintenance and repair cannot be considered an improvement.

3. Life experience

  Calculate the amount of time spent in your home. Think about the meaningful events you experience while living at home. In your life experience at home, you cry, laugh, work, dance, sing, fall in love, and so on. You have basically attached to the property and owed time space.

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