Communication: Is it important to be close to others?

If someone wants to camp in an unknown place and they don't have food, they should find something to eat. Because of their location, the food they need will not be sent to them.

In the same way, for example, when someone goes to a social club or attends an event, they are likely to have to work hard. This may not be the case if they are attractive or famous.

On the side of the field

If they stand there and don't interact with others, they may start to think they are being ignored. It is difficult for them to see other people talking and enjoying good times.

As they are neglected, people can even feel that they are unpopular and feel the urge to escape. Their thoughts will be busy creating a whole story about what is going on.

Ignite flame

If they want to get involved and no longer want to stand on one side, then they must take action. They don't passively wait for something to happen, but they will make things happen.

From this place also means that they focus on what they can offer, not what they can take. Then their entire energy will shift and they are less likely to have an excretory effect on others.

a choice

What people can do is to start talking to people once they arrive, because this will stop their thinking. Then they will arrive at the venue and wait for a while before they interact with others. They won't let their energy drop.

If they have to wait and let their energy drop, they may be more difficult to get themselves active again. Their thoughts end up with various reasons why they shouldn't do anything.

Main thing

When they talk to people when they arrive, what they say is not important; what matters is that they are in the right place. If their energy is correct and they feel good, everything else can flow except to make sure they are well dressed.

Their body language can ultimately take care of themselves, others can be happy to surround their "ambience." For example, say '嘿' or ' everything is how to make the ball roll.


However, no matter how good their atmosphere is, this does not mean that everyone they contact will respond. There may be many reasons why another person will not respond in a positive way.

This person may have a bad day, or they may not have good social skills, or they may remind them of people who have experienced bad experiences in the past. The key is to let one person do everything they can to get this experience through them and move on.


In the beginning, people may find that performing in this way is a challenge for them. This is because they will behave in an unfamiliar way, and for their self-psychological, unfamiliar is the threat to their survival.

Then people can think of it as a process, not something that happens directly. If they don't adopt this method and expect it to happen immediately, they can measure themselves with unnecessary stress and eventually give up.

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