Communication: Is it important to have positive energy?

Just as an unpleasant smell can cause someone to leave the room, bad energy can cause them to do the same. However, while an unpleasant smell can usually record certain people at a certain level of consciousness, their consciousness may not usually be aware of when they are in a bad energy state.

However, even if someone does not realize what happened, it will not prevent them from taking evasive actions. So, when their bodies have accepted what is happening, if their minds don't, then it doesn't matter.


If someone spends a few minutes with a poorly-powered person, they may soon begin to feel that their life force is disappearing from them. Spending an hour in this company can seriously damage their health.

This person does not need to say anything to have a negative impact on others; they only need to appear. Then they can wear beautiful clothes and expensive aftershave/perfume, but it won't make much difference.

Key elements

This shows that when it comes to being able to contact other people, it is not just wearing the right clothes and having smart haircuts. It is also important to be in the right position internally.

In fact, if someone's appearance is not satisfactory, but they have good energy, it may not matter. Another person just likes to be in front of them and make them ignore the above aspects.

Add something

In the end, when someone has negative energy, they are like an energy vampire. They are only interested in absorbing energy, not giving something to others.

Unconsciously or consciously or both, another person will be aware of this and feel the need to escape to preserve their energy. On the other hand, when someone has positive energy, their priority will be given rather than taken, which is more attractive to others.

How does this look?

When this happens, it seems that someone has something to give to others. What they have to give them will not be material, but it will have a positive impact on them.

So let's say that someone wants to take a dance class or even attend an event, they must make sure they are in a good position mentally and emotionally. Just as what happens inside them will be the people they ultimately point to.


There is no doubt that some people will not respond well to them. This is only part of life, but there may be many people doing this. These people will happily bathe in the energy they emit.

To some extent, these people will realize that a person does not try to absorb their energy, so that they can relax and become. And, because they don't need to protect their energy and they are getting energy, they are more likely to repay their energy.


Now, this does not mean that someone should ignore their appearance or not wash it; it means that where they are at an energy level can have a huge impact on their interaction with others. With this in mind, they must focus on this part of their own and do what they need to do in order to be in a good position internationally.

To achieve this, they may need to take a deep breath around and around their time. It may be helpful to take the time to try something like qigong in nature, because it allows them to release trapped energy and re-enter themselves.

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