Communication: Relationship between sender and receiver of information

In order to communicate, the message must be sent by the communicator and received correctly by the listener. If the message is not understood, no communication takes place. Only noise. Between the sending and receiving of a message, it is likely to go wrong. By definition, communication involves at least two people, the sender and the receiver. There are certain filters or barriers that determine whether to actually send or receive a message.

There may be obstacles between the sender and the recipient, such as cultural differences. Environmental conditions can also create obstacles such as poor acoustics, other people talking, and noise outside. However, the more common is the difference in reference frames between the sender and the receiver. For example, there may be no common understanding of the purpose in some communication. You may ask me how I feel today. For you, the phrase "how do you do" is just a greeting. However, I may think that you really want to know, I may tell you – maybe to some extent.

What promotes clear communication? Good communicator: exchange ideas, feelings and values ​​- use appropriate language, tone, tone and volume – provide relevant information – use non-verbal signals to emphasize and support information – clarify – solicit feedback – listen – respond and react – convey understanding.

Think of yourself as the recipient. Assumptions, attitude and sensitivity issues can also lead to obstacles. As a recipient, you can filter or not listen to certain aspects [or any aspect] of the message. why? Because this information may seem unimportant or too difficult. In addition, you may have selective attention. For example, you might think that the sender is superfluous or boring, so stop listening after the first few words and daydreaming. You may be engrossed in other things. Or your filtering or lack of attention may be due to your past experience with the sender. You may feel that "this person has never said anything, never!" You may take the time to prepare to reply or interrupt your thoughts.

In general, communication is a process that is difficult to accomplish correctly. Media must be found between the sender and the recipient's point of view in order to relay their messages in the most efficient manner.

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