Comparison of online loose diamond shopping and physical retail stores

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When buying diamonds, many people today still have not decided whether it is best to buy diamonds online or in retail stores. I decided to make this comparison to help determine if online shopping is right for you. If it is the best choice, there are several factors that affect them, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. In this article, I will explain as much as possible the advantages and disadvantages of both.


Most online retailers sell certified diamonds only through GIA, HRD or IGI. In many physical retail stores, most diamonds are not certified. This is normal because the jewelers themselves are almost all certified scorers, but it does not inspire some consumers' confidence. In all cases of a trusted jeweler, the quality of the diamond should be without a doubt. However, certification costs money, and the advantage of buying certified diamonds and non-certified diamonds is that you often find them at a cheaper price. However, in general, it is highly recommended to purchase certified diamonds, because although all jewelers can distinguish the clarity and color of the diamond, some diamonds may not be able to easily distinguish between poor grades of fluorescence.


You must visit many stores before you have a large selection of experienced online diamond supply stores. In contrast, ordinary jewelers usually carry only a small portion of the diamond. I estimate that a typical jewelry store will have about a dozen [usually less] loose diamonds of noteworthy size [notably, I use a reliable and strict definition of about 0.50 carats]. Compared to the thousands you find online, choosing less than one hundred is the place to choose the biggest advantage online. Larger choices allow potential buyers to more easily find the diamonds they might want, and if the customer tends to buy at a retail store, the situation tends to end more than he wants because the buyer solves the diamond slightly differently.

In the case of all online suppliers, they are connected directly from the cutter and the cutter is purchased directly from the miners. There is no need for an intermediary in this way. Most jewelers rely on people buying from the knives and selling them forward, which is why they don't have direct access to such large lists, which only adds to the price, but then more.

However, the downside of this large option is that the average online retailer takes about two weeks to deliver, and when you visit the store, you can pay on the spot and leave immediately. For people who don't want to wait, this can be an important factor. Many people don't have the patience to wait for the things they buy for so long, I think it's easy to understand.

Ability to see in 3D

A new niche market has emerged in the recent online diamond purchase. This is the ability to view the inside of the diamond in 3D. Personally, this is a person who changes the rules of the game. I believe that with this new technology, people can better observe the inside of the diamond, not the ring drill. Most diamonds have obvious flaws and they can be a beautiful part of it. When you buy 3D diamonds online, you are fully aware of what you have purchased. The perfect tilt of the macro shot under perfect illumination makes even the most experienced diamond grader rate inclusions better than the methods used in previous years.

Although the customer may be happy after the purchase, because he may get a special price, he may regret it because he has learned to fully understand the diamond for many years. If you can see the things you are considering buying in such detail, you know for sure what your purchase will look like and there will never be any change. In addition, people who have just purchased precious gems can more easily understand the physically visible differences in a comfortable home rather than from one store to another.

The online return rate for diamonds purchased in 3D is extremely low.


Although the competition between gemstones and high-end jewellery retailers is fierce, the competition among online suppliers is even more intense. You will be able to find more favorable prices online than jewelry stores. Not only do the profits required by one or two middlemen do not increase to the total expenditure [saving the final end buyer's extra cost], but because they order directly from major suppliers, they are not planning to earn as much profit as possible. Their sales. When a store invests in diamonds many years ago and now finds buyers, they try to make it worth the long wait, and online sellers usually have a fixed interest rate. Most importantly, online diamond sellers don't need as much human resources to keep operations because they can manage large inventories very efficiently. This again allows them to save you money and provide a very honest price for your diamonds.

However, if you choose to be flexible, you may find some amazing prices in the store. You may encounter diamonds that jewelers buy at very low prices. Most people don't mention the budget, but if you mention the budget, the people working in the store you visit will definitely try to provide you with the best budget. In the process of achieving this goal, you may need to visit many stores, but there may be a big reward.

Conflict-free diamond

When buying diamonds online, you buy from select companies that the world's largest retailers decide to deal with. The diamonds owned by these companies have always been diamonds, they mined themselves and cut themselves. Because they themselves supervise all of their business, conflict diamonds have no room to enter these companies. While you shouldn't worry about what I think, because the possibility of buying conflict diamonds at a store is extremely low, the only way to be sure that you are buying an absolutely conflict-free approach is to buy directly from one of these retailers, in addition to those companies.


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