Compulsory military service

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Mandatory military services for government work

This is one of the worst and most stupid suggestions I have ever encountered. This is based on the assumption that anyone and everyone has the ability to serve as a soldier. The first and foremost is physical health and endurance. It is stupid to think that everyone can reach the standard. If the people who join the government service can relax the standards during the military service, the list of relaxation will be long and the main purpose of the entire exercise will be defeated. For senior staff, cadres are even harder because there are leaders in the military, not managers, who follow the example of individuals. How many potential government officials meet this requirement?

If these people are in the military just to get government jobs, their priorities will never be military, and they will not make any contribution to this. They are only a burden on the defence forces and a major responsibility. Under no circumstances can they be used for active combat or any military action. They will only destroy military culture, lower standards, and cause confusion and confusion.

However, if the state takes seriously good governance and effective management, those politicians who are eager to become members of Congress, work in MLC, entrepreneurs, etc. should serve in the military for at least three years. Of course, as mentioned above, all of this does not meet the criteria, so screening can be done at this early stage. By getting the right leaders to lead the country and get rid of nincompoops, the country will be highly favored.

Compulsory military service for aspiring politicians is not only a challenge to finding potential leaders, but it also provides an excellent training platform to absorb personal and social values ​​and pure patriotism so that they can grow to the right Nationalist leader. These leaders will always have the country's number one and are likely to be honest and honest. Through military training, they can develop good habits to maintain good health and mental alertness, which will be an important asset for improving efficiency. It is time to seriously consider this proposal, and even if it needs to amend the constitution, it must be implemented earliest.

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