1. Carlos Suazo Carlos Suazo

    Excellent work

  2. Charlene Eaton Charlene Eaton

    thank you for the write block registry hack!

  3. Safwan Sya Safwan Sya

    where can i find files i can test it on to

  4. Johnai Williams Johnai Williams

    This video helped me uncover so much crap I had on a flash drive.I was literally awed and couldn't believe the stuff I found.These tools are so COOL and GREAT! It makes me love being an IS major a lil bit more.And it was a free tool.Nice video!

  5. Zenbeats26 Zenbeats26

    Hi, was wondering if you had any idea how to fix this error?

    Errors occured while ingesting image
    1. Cannot determine file system type (Sector offset: 0)

    Great vid btw!

  6. Fred Spearman Fred Spearman

    Where did you download the FTK tool kit from

  7. Wilson D Wilson D

    this is really cool.. I subed.. when I installed autopsy 4 I get an gstreamer-0.10 error.. and help you could give me would be appreciated.. I use win 8.1
    thanks great vids

  8. Samuel Oyeniran Samuel Oyeniran

    wow this is cool

  9. Sam Sam

    Now if I wanted to practice on my own hard drive. Would the registry keys be different?

  10. Nick Olson Nick Olson

    Great info, best intro tutorial I've seen on here. 

    What's that hardware at 0:52 called? The black box that is, not the hard drive.

  11. Cybermaniac Darkcode Cybermaniac Darkcode

    Thanks Mr. Martin for having shared this great video tut!!!

  12. ThandaLe ThandaLe

    Very educational. Thank you.

  13. Purple Reign Purple Reign

    My pictures were altered on Facebook and Youtube. Can I hire you to take a look at my pics. I need to find out who would do this to me and why

  14. John Smith John Smith

    Thank you very much Jeremy for this educational Episode.  This is great. Please keep it up. 

    Btw, I have subscribed in your great Chanel 🙂


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